Swae Lee's Ex-Girlfriend Arrested For Allegedly Headbutting Him


Swae Lee’s ex-girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz, was reportedly arrested for attacking the rapper following an argument. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Swae and Ortiz got into an altercation outside of his Los Angeles home last month. Ortiz allegedly struck the Rae Sremmurd rapper, then headbutted him before his security kicked her out. 

Ortiz is said to have called 911 claiming that Swae sexually assaulted her. However, she changed her story once police arrived at the home. She admitted to provoking the altercation by throwing items in the rapper’s home and hitting him. Ortiz also claimed that Swae strangled her. 

Neither Swae nor Marliesia had marks on them from the altercation, but the police arrested her based on their evidence. 

Despite no charges being filed, the L.A. City Attorney plans to hold a hearing for both Swae and Marliesia. A rep for the rapper said that the police arrested Marliesia after they determined that she falsified the accusations made against the rapper.