Tim McGraw Cheering On Titans, Saints This Season


Tim McGraw is among the countless football fans happy to see football season begin again. He's particularly interested in two NFL teams. Tim tells us:  ["My favorite team is of course the Titans. I live in Tennessee. I mean my home town is in Nashville now. My kids grew up in Nashville. Titans are my team. I think we have a pretty good shot. I think we look pretty good. It’s early in the season yet so we’ll have to see how it unfolds. And, if we can keep Mariota healthy I think we’ll have a good shot at competing this year. And, I’m also a Saints fan. I mean I grew up in Louisiana and lived and died by the Saints growing up so I’m still a huge Saints fan. And boy, who doesn’t love Drew Brees."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . love Drew Brees.)

The Titans take on the Cleveland Browns in the first regular season game this Sunday (September 8th). The Saints will play the Houston Texans on Monday (September 9th).