YG And Kehlani Are An Item


Rapper YG and singer-songwriter Kehlani are apparently in a relationship -- and no one had a clue about it. Fans were shocked when the stars posted photos of eachother on their Instagram pages leaving an event together at New York Fashion Week. Although they've made it official, TMZ reports that the two have been dating privately for months.

The site said that although they've been dating for months, the singer is not the reason the Compton rapper broke up with his baby mama Catelyn Sparks. who gave birth to their second daughter in July. 

Kehlani welcomed her own daughter Adeya back in March, but she has never been in a romantic relationship with the child's father Javie Young-White, who is also her guitarist.

Javie responded  to the hoopla on Twitter, writing, "i’ve never been a sperm donor nor do i identify as gay nor have i ever been *the gay best friend* lol. i am a father to my beautiful daughter and I like what I like. if you gon be aimless & nosey least have yo facts straight."