Bird, Bird, Bird is the word!

Ottawa residents are celebrating the birth of a baby Bluesfest Killdeer.

Bluesfest confirmed to CTV Ottawa Saturday afternoon that one of the four eggs had hatched. The plan is to name the babies Adams, Mendes, Matthew and Grohl for this year's performers. 

The birth comes just days after experts moved the Killdeer nest and eggs about 25 meters from where they were first laid.

Last Friday, the Killdeer mother and her nest were discovered on a cobbleston path where the main stage for Ottawa Bluesfest was to be setup.

Environment Canada gave Bluesfest permission to move the killdeer nest at LeBreton Flats to a nearby "suitable habitat."

Monika Melichar, with the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden, Ont., drove to Ottawa to help move the eggs. They were placed in a small, imitation nest and carefully moved one metre at a time, roughly every hour.

Killdeers are a protected species under the Migratory Bird Act, meaning organizers of Bluesfest couldn’t move the nest or the eggs without permission, which was granted Tuesday.