\"I'm definitely not feeling safe\": Ottawa woman terrified after stray bullet enters her home

For the second time this week, a homeowner is sharing the terrifying moment a stray bullet entered their home.

"I'm definitely lucky it didn't hit me and it didn't hit my dog," says Gaylen Hart.

Thursday morning, a bullet tore through Hart's wall that's connected to another unit. It went through a hallway and door, close to her bedroom, before entering the second bedroom. There, it ricocheted off the floor and into the mattress.

No one was hurt, but Hart says she's afraid to be upstairs in her own home.

"I never thought I would live in a house where a bullet went through it," she says.

The home next door was apparently being rented. Police have contacted the owner and are investigating what happened.

Earlier in the week, a stray bullet just missed Oni Joseph and her two sons when it flew through her home near Bank and Albion.

"We have investigators looking at these incidents and (are) trying to hold people accountable," says police.

Just a few blocks away, another shooting on Thursday. Several shots rang out on Lorry Greenburg Drive around 11:30 p.m. 24-year-old Ali Dia of Ottawa and 29-year-old Eric St. Louis of Kingston are both facing several charges in relation to that shooting.

Diane Deans, the councillor for the area, is calling for more officers on the ground. For Hart, she's trying to get back to some sort of normal.

"I'm just trying to digest it so I get to the point of where I feel safe again in my own home."