Ontario Ends Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Programs

The new Ontario government has announced it has cancelled the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program and the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Programs.

The incentives are ending as a result of the government ending the cap and trade program, which they did on July 3rd. Both incentive programs were funded through cap-and-trade proceeds.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program was cancelled immediately, as of July 11. Charging stations purchased or installed before July 11 are eligible for incentives if the application is submitted within 60 days of July 11.

As for electric and hydrogen vehicles, applications will only be accepted from dealerships, car owners and prospective car owners under the following conditions:

- Eligible vehicles that have been delivered to consumers, registered, and plated on or before July 11 will receive the incentive.

- Inventory that dealers have on lots or orders made by dealerships with manufacturers on or before July 11, will also be honoured for the incentive provided that the vehicle is delivered to consumers, registered, and plated by September 10.

The changes were announced on the Ministry of Transportation’s website. Cancelling the cap and trade program is part of the PC government’s plan to bring gas prices down by 10 cents a litre. The province also says ending cap and trade will help cut costs to Ontarians by $1.9 billion a year.