Several gas stations not receiving fuel in Ottawa

A number of gas stations in Ottawa say they have not received fuel for days.

At least two stations in Orléans, including the Shell at Tenth Line Road and Innes Road, are running dry. They say they first ran out on Saturday, got a supply late on Sunday night. As of Monday, they were out of gas again, and have not received a shipment since. It is unclear when they expect to be back running.  

Dan McTeague with says the shortages are likely caused by a logistical problem along the pipeline. “It’s somewhere along the way- a bottle neck within the infrastructure or logistics- of the delivery of gasoline,” he says.

McTeague says this is not a serious issue with the refineries that produce oil for the Ottawa market. “It’s not a question of output which is often the case but not the case here.”

All of Ottawa received their fuel from refineries in Montreal and Quebec City.

This shortage could last several more days.

McTeague says “it is a reflection of how tight of a drum the supply picture is throughout much of Ontario, we make just enough gasoline to get by.”

McTeague recommends drivers not fill up until Thursday midnight, where a drop in gas prices is expected. McTeague says we could see prices drop by at least four cents.