5-year Anti-crime Funding

 The Government of Canada is committed to advancing evidence-based crime prevention programs that meet the unique needs of at-risk young people across the country.

Ralph Goodale, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister, presented Chief Byron Louis and other representatives of the Okanagan Indian Band $1.17 million dollars in funding to support a five-year Comprehensive Safety Strategy in their community. This strategy, focused on youth violence prevention, includes a community mobilization framework and direct interventions for youth and their families that use a client-centred, strength-based approach.

Goodale says, "We know that when it comes to crime prevention, there is no one size fits all solution. The Okanagan Indian Band's approach is youth-centred, with a community capacity-building component that will help reduce and prevent youth violence - making our communities safer and ensuring more young people have the opportunity to succeed." 

He says, "The Okanagan Indian Band recognizes and acknowledges that the emphasis on Crime Prevention and awareness is proactive, rather than reactive.  The goal of a proactive approach to Crime Prevention is to move from being driven by crime to moving towards preemptive efforts to target problems.  This change in focus will necessitate the identification and implementation via community driven, strength based approaches. The Okanagan Indian Band is proud to work with the Federal Government on developing culturally appropriate interventions. With today's announcement, we are moving towards reconciliation that will hopefully lead to a growing partnership with all levels of government on eliminating the social factors that lead to crime here in our community."

Chief Louis says, "The 2018 NCPS Call for Applications aimed to prevent or reduce the impacts of the following crime issues in at-risk communities: youth gangs, youth violence, youth bullying, and youth cyberbullying."