• Rockets Host the Memorial Cup

    It’s official. The Kelowna Rockets will host the 2020 Kia Memorial Cup. Regan Bartel has more.

  • Rockets Seasons Passes Winner

    Congrats to Corina Musfelt who won the Rockets Seasons Passes from Total Restoration Services!

  • Garden of Eden Theft

    Video surveillance footage of the Garden of Eden theft robbery car.

  • Break-in at MacDermott's

    A suspect broke into MacDermott's on Bernard Avenue early Wednesday morning using a sledgehammer, and took off with hundreds of dollars worth of men's bags. (Security footage courtesy of MacDermott's)

  • Standoff on Lawrence Avenue

    Kelowna downtown standoff on Lawrence Avenue - June 18th

  • Mission Creek Rescue

    Footage of emergency crews rescuing two people who were stranded on a small island on Mission Creek near Pasadena Road in Kelowna. Residents are reminded to stay off the Creek during peak flooding season.

  • Boeing 747 Lands at YLW

    A Boeing 747 Special Performance aircraft, one of the largest planes ever to land at YLW, arrived in Kelowna for light maintenance Friday afternoon.

  • New Fire Truck - West Kelowna

    'Pushing in' the new $750,000 USD truck at Station 32 in West Kelowna.

  • Kasugai Gardens

    Need a Friday breather? Let’s take you through Kasugai Gardens.