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The most exciting ticket in town is back!

Get close to the action with Kelowna Rockets season tickets from AM 1150 and Total Restoration! Enter below, and then listen daily at 7:10am for the Early Edition's Phil & Ted to announce your name; call us back within 11 minutes and you'll instantly be entered to win two Kelowna Rockets seasons tickets and two Kelowna Rockets jerseys!

You can also enter on our AM 1150 Facebook page. We're taking 1 online qualifier and 1 Facebook qualifier each weekday. 
Once you're a qualifier, Phil, Ted, and their Kelowna Rockets entourage could show up “Publishers Clearing House” style at your door September 10th. If you're home between 7 and 8am that morning, and answer the door, you win! If not, we move onto the next qualifier's house. 

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