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Colin Basran

First and foremost, I am a husband to a wonderful wife Leanne and father to two amazing children. Mediocre but passionate hockey player & fan, a music addict, and mildly obsessed with the local food and wine scene. Kelowna is the city I was born and raised in and the place I hope to always call my home. I have had the fortune to serve Kelowna as Mayor for the past 4 years and hope to keep doing so for 4 more! Under my leadership, I am proud that Kelowna has continued to evolve as one of the best communities in the world to call home. Today, our City has one of the strongest local economies in the country. We've been named "Best place in Canada for Entrepreneurs" in 2016. "Best Place in BC to Start a Small Business" and in 2018, we were named one of the most fiscally responsible communities in BC. In 2017, we had our best development year in our City's history enabling more diversity in housing and we are on pace for the same this year. Today, we continue to be one of the fastest growing cities in Canada bringing us both challenges and opportunities. I've met challenges head-on fighting hard for Kelowna residents. I've also learned as mayor, that leadership for our city is about doing what is right for the entire community, not just one special interest group. I believe Kelowna should be a place for everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or how much money you have. I'm proud of the diverse, accepting and inclusive city we are becoming. We are often faced with difficult decisions and we can't please everyone, yet I've been steadfast and laser-focused on my vision for a strong Kelowna. A Kelowna that is safe for all residents and has a resilient, multi-sector economy that develops in a positive way, so our kids and grandkids are able to build a fulfilling life here. I've been at the forefront of protecting our beautiful natural environment, agricultural land and lake while pushing to ensure all residents have a place to call home. If you believe in supporting this vision of Kelowna, I humbly ask you to vote for me on October 20th!


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Tom Dyas

If I become Mayor I will work in a timely and effective manner to address the issues Kelowna is facing. Of importance is developing a more open line of communication between city hall and the community, addressing the traffic congestion; providing safe streets and parks which leads to looking at the policing issue and finally affordable housing and developing a strategy that promotes Kelowna as a business friendly environment.



Bobby Kennedy



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Bob Schewe



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Lindsay Bell

I have watched the downtown grow increasingly dangerous for many years, silently hoping for change. I will no longer be silent. The present solution that has been put into place, is not working. I will lobby our Provincial Government to act, with urgency to collectively solve our mental health and addiction crisis. I will ask them to come to Kelowna and see the crisis for themselves. Immediately, I would put up a fence between Ellis and Pandosy, along the alley way. Drug use is clearly visible from 97 and many people congregate there. My children have already seen to much! Cannabis will be legal soon. We must act now to implement the same bylaws as where cigarette smoking is permitted. Seniors need a voice in city hall. I will create a seniors committee with a council member serving as a liaison. Communication and collaboration is the key. Finally, the residents of Agassiz are outraged. I am on there side. Planning for a housing strategy should be done as per long term plans with the city and the community and in sync with the OCP.


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Kevin Bond



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Mark Boyer

When asked why I decided to run for City Council I tell them Accessibility, Accountability, and Common Sense.

I feel that a lot of decisions are made not taking into account what benefits of most of the citizens of Kelowna, not just a few.

Navigating the City's website can be daunting, especially for those who aren't overly computer literate. For Accessibility, I'd like to see a 311 phone number where calls for service, concerns or complaints can be taken and forwarded to the correct department.

At times there seems to be a lack of accountability by council and some staff for decisions that are made. There shouldn't be the last minute push for civic concerns at election time. Council hears the complaints about things like traffic yet nothing is done. I would like to see a ward system where you know which councillor represents where you live because they do too. This also goes back to accessibility. It would certainly make all candidate meetings more informative but because of the sheer numbers running you don't get to ask questions.

Common sense is a rare commodity these days. If something isn't working fix it. Make sure plans include roadways wide enough for transit and parking. Think outside the box and ask the hard questions.


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Wayne Carson

My issues are:

1/ Develop a plan to address Traffic Gridlock and Realistic Public Transit Plan
2/ Amalgamation of the Valley's three Regional Districts to one Valley wide governance model
3/ The total elimination of all single use plastics. I also believe that all Kelowna City budgeted programs, policies, grants and such need to be reviewed for value, effectiveness and cost to and for the taxpayer if found wanting they need to be eliminated.


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Greg Dahms

Create a vibrant, sustainable and safe city for everyone to enjoy.

To accomplish this we need to ensure:

Foster small business growth as well as attract new businesses to the region to ensure future job creation and a strong economy. Ensure our transportation infrastructure keeps up with our growing city as well as public transit.

Increase the availability of rental units and affordable housing. Use the tax base we already have and use it wisely to ensure no major tax hikes

A safe place to live for our residents as well as the tourists that visit our jewel of a city. Address the homeless population as well as the impact it is having on our city.

A growing city needs a strong community. To thrive we need to foster economic opportunities, protect our environment and create safe, affordable public spaces we can all enjoy.

Maxine DeHart (incumbent)

- Healthy, safe and inclusive community for all citizens.
- Vibrant downtown and business centres.
- Long term diversified housing plan.


Ryan Donn (incumbent)

Over the past four years I have had the gift of serving Kelowna on City Council. I am asking for your vote to use the time you have invested in me to take more actions on the plans and ideas we have formed. We need to support our homeless, increase our housing supply to increase our rental availability, develop our parks (Glenmore/Centennial), fund the HWY 33 extension to Clement, start building PRC, fund multi-modal transportation options, hire more RCMP, and advocate for more funding from the Province and Federal Government as we aim to close our infrastructure deficit. Please go to my website and read my "50 next steps" blog for a full run down of my ideas for Kelowna but also I want to hear your ideas for Kelowna. Reach out and connect with me directly.


Gail Given (incumbent)

Often described as clear-minded, honest and thorough, Gail is also a lifelong learner with a positive attitude and the resiliency necessary to adapt to rapidly changing environments. For 37 years, Gail Given has lived and raised her family in the Kelowna area. She is blessed with three wonderful adult children; Brianna, Kaitlynn and Brenndan.

Gail Given has served the citizens of Kelowna for over 10 years as an elected official; first as a School Board Trustee, then for the past two terms as a City Councillor and Director on Regional District of Central Okanagan, most recently as Board Chair. She is also Chair of the Regional Hospital District, Tourism Kelowna director, member of the Economic Development Commission advisory board, Salvation Army Community Council and Trinity Church member. Her business, HR and leadership skills were developed through a successful 25-year management career at The Bay.

As a two term City Councillor, Gail Given is acutely aware of Kelowna's current challenges and opportunities. She has the experience and knowledge that come from being involved in the development of the many significant guiding strategies that will help our city navigate the future.


Charlie Hodge (incumbent)

I believe I represent the average citizen and provide a voice of common sense and reason. Born and raised in the Okanagan, Kelowna has been my home since 1962.

With 10 years City Council experience (seven in Kelowna and three in Parksville, B.C.) 10 years as Regional District Director, and 3 years as Southing Interior Local Government Association Director, I provide a veteran voice at the Council table.

The next four years will see a needed increase in vital discussions and negotiations with municipalities such as West Kelowna, Westbank First Nations, Lake Country, Peachland... and also Provincial and Federal governments.

Kelowna faces major decisions soon including crime, transit plans, the Parkinson Recreation Centre, Rutland Centennial Park, the Capri expansion, Cedar Ave., Glenmore Recreational Park, land-use, water quality, and encouraging further business growth and support not just downtown but throughout our various business sectors.

This past term on Kelowna Council has affirmed once again my willingness to ask tough questions, cut through red tape and bureaucratic baffle-gab, and insist Council and staff acknowledge the views of the public and businesses during the decision making process.

I believe Council should hear the public's thoughts and concerns and consider them strongly before making final decisions or directing projects to proceed.

I've occasionally been chastised by media or at the Council table for asking too many questions and deferring issues. That will probably continue if I am re-elected. I will never make a decision I do not have enough information on. If not provided with enough important details at the table I will not be rushed by other councillors, staff, media or anyone else to make a bad decision.

My job is to make the best decision possible and if that means asking tough questions and waiting until I get those answers, so be it. That's how I will continue to operate.


Craig Hostland

Serving The Community Craig and Patti have been part of this community for 20 years, working tirelessly to make it a better place for business, for community, for life.

United By A Common Goal We know the value of being connected. That's why I'm running for Kelowna City Council. To be connected at the highest level to effect change where change is needed.

Get Involved I can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating your time are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.


Graeme James

The issues that are front and center for me are the state of our downtown, City of Kelowna taxes, and transportation. Downtown Kelowna is in a deplorable state. The conditions downtown and their effects on business, residents, and visitors have to be addressed. While I fully support the Journey Home strategy and I acknowledge that homelessness and poverty are not crimes, the criminal element and the street population resistant to socialized housing and/or services has to be addressed immediately.

The close to 16% increase in City taxes in the last 4 years is unacceptable. I have first-hand experience dealing with City of Kelowna budgets and I know that 2% or under can be achieved without cutting or reducing services.

The transportation issues in Kelowna must be addressed in a proactive manner. The population of Kelowna is projected to increase by 38% in the next 20 years. While I encourage and support alternate transportation we cannot neglect the upgrading of existing roads and construction of new roads.


Amarjit Singh Lalli

On October 20th help move our city foreword by addressing the following priorities:

Our city streets and our parks must be clean and safe for families. We must ensure that the entire community can enjoy our amenities without being uncomfortable.

Our city is wide spread, and many people live outside the public transit corridor. Traffic flows must be dealt with.

Kelowna must become a city of growth but in a fashion that reflects and supports the entire community.

Our farmers must have an affordable and continuous supply of water. All commodities must be dealt with equitably.


Gord Lovegrove

My platform is smarter growth-based decisions, connecting the right people and guiding processes to get the job done:

o Kelowna's 1st Cohousing development (cohousing.org) to address supply and quality needs
o Kelowna's 1st Community U-Pass Program to get transit service improved for all areas that want it
o A Roundabouts 1st policy that puts a moratorium on traffic signals pending lifecycle cost reviews
o Planning for a zero-emission, Okanagan Valley electric regional passenger train (OVER PR) between the US Border and Kamloops to provide safer, cleaner, cheaper ways to connect tourists, markets, and housing (Learn more on OVER PR on October 18th at 7 pm in the Kelowna Innovation Center – free admission)
o Establish public advisary committees with members of council, staff and public to expedite inclusive, efficient decisions and effective, win-win actions on thorny emerging housing, development, transportation, safety, and agriculture concerns
o Address infrastructure deficits sustainably

Bottom line:
o I'm trusted to teach many future leaders
o I'm trusted to help nationally in engineering sustainable communities
o Will you trust me with your vote to help steer Your City into Our Future with My Experience?
o My name is Gord Lovegrove, and I'd like your vote for Kelowna City Council
o If you like what you've read, please LIKE lovegrovekelowna and SHARE it!


Jeff Piattelli

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in Kelowna my entire life. This Valley has provided my family and I with endless memories and opportunities, and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Running for council, my goal is to be a supporting, team player to the other elected members. I hope to bring a younger, fresh perspective on the major issues that we face, while continuing to be thankful and embrace the many positives that our City also provides.

My main concerns going forward:

- We must find a way to deal with the growing homeless population. Doing so will not only help those people get back on their feet but also provide an increased feeling of safety for residents and tourists. We must maintain our downtown beauty and functionality.

- Finding smarter, greener ways for people to traverse within in our City. As well as diagnosing current locations on our roads that can be improved, cost effectively. In order to properly maintain the growth of Kelowna we need to make it as accessible as possible.

- Supporting our local farmers, business owners, entrepreneurs and those who simply love Kelowna. These people are what made this City what it is today. We must ensure that we support those people and help them achieve and maintain success.


Mo Rajabally

The present Council seeking re-election has destroyed Kelowna by rewarding business with all kinds of building permits, punishing residents with traffic and pollution. Council's treatment of the rich, in comparison to the way it has treated the homeless has been inhuman, and now trying desperately to make amend.

The unproven reason Council gives to reward the rich is because it creates job. Do people really do not care when everything goes up in price and they find themselves with less and less money while Council gets almost $40,000 and the mayor double of that, for approving everything City bureaucrats put before them. It is easy money?

And, has anyone noticed the yearly property tax increase, when more houses were supposed to reduce City Hall expenses?


Dustin Sargent

Dustin Sargent moved to Kelowna from Vancouver Island in 2001 to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle. Since making Kelowna home he's started a family and become an active member of the business, art, farming and sports communities.

Dustin considers himself to be a pragmatic thinker. Dustin is passionate about creating positive change and plays an active role in the following endeavors: Soma Craft Cidery, Kelowna CrossFit, The Karis Support Society, New Horizon Productions and Davara Enterprises & Holdings where he currently is employed.

Over the years Dustin has volunteered with a variety of Non-Profits including being a board member of the Economic Development Commision, Central Okanagan Heritage Society, Festivals Kelowna, The Downtown Kelowna Association, Karis Support Society, Krysko Family & New Horizon Foundations.

Our community is key to building a successful future without neglecting our past or present, Dustin continues to look for ways to be a positive influence in all of his surroundings. He feels that by participating in such a diverse portfolio of interests since moving to Kelowna provides him the insight to work with and help balance the eclectic nature of our fastgrowing community.


Brad Sieben (incumbent)

Born and raised in Kelowna, Brad Sieben brings forth a perspective that is diverse and well-rounded. A graduate of the University of Victoria, Brad has taught high school in School District #23, worked for two multi-national corporations and assumed key leadership roles in a private, family-run business in which he was a part-owner (Hotel Eldorado, 2003-2014). He is currently a Partner in BNA Brewing Co. and an Executive with a private, National insurance brokerage. Brad was elected as a Kelowna City Councillor in 2014.

"I want to keep making a difference in my community. This is where I was born, where I grew up, where I choose to raise my family and where I have been involved in business. I want Kelowna to be a place where my children have opportunities when they are adults."


Mohini Singh (incumbent)

I am seeking re-election because I want Kelowna to be a VIBRANT, SAFE, and INCLUSIVE community. Over the past 7 years on council, I have fought to strike a balance between development growth and green space. I have voted for more resources to make our community safe. I will continue working for a HEALTHY, ACTIVE, and AGE-FRIENDLY city with STRONG industries, a THRIVING agricultural sector, and a CLEAN environment. My work on city council is driven by a passionate belief that our differences make us stronger. Through DIVERSE social and cultural networks, we create prosperous, safe and vibrant communities.


Luke Stack (incumbent)

My priorities for this term will be to expand and replace recreation facilities, improve community safety, promote affordable and rental housing and encourage steady healthy civic growth.


Stef Van Meeteren photo


Stef Van Meeteren



Loyal Wooldridge

Loyal Wooldridge believes The City of Kelowna is a large business and needs a strong, balanced voice to ensure that the changing needs and challenges are addressed in a responsible, sustainable way. As a business owner for 12 years, Loyal has the drive, business acumen and solutions-based approach to tackle the community concerns with innovation and fresh strategies. As we reach to increase safety, reduce homelessness and improve housing attainability, new innovative strategies need to be endorsed for maximum affect. Infrastructure for transportation and park space require new revenue streams in order to lessen the burden on taxpayers while increasing accessibility throughout the city. Loyal aims to fuse his business mind and social heart to serve all residents and business owners of Kelowna.




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Mary Mandarino photo Email

Mary Mandarino

I have been a long time resident and local business woman since 1986.

Co-Owner, Operator, and Financial Manager of a B.C. Construction company and Development Company.

We built:

- 13 bridges for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways
- Water Treatment Plants for various municipalities
- Sewage Treatment Plants for various municipalities including J.A.M.E.A in Matsquie
- Fish Hatcheries for the Ministry of Fisheries
- Beautification of downtown areas in Oliver and Summerland
- We successfully created subdivisions and houses in Williams Lake and Creston

- In 2004 together with my daughter we worked with a Design Company to develop Okanagan RV Park on Ross Rd. in West Kelowna

COMMUNITY ACTIVIST: Prevented Proposed Crown Land Swap for Interchange which would have given First Nation control of Rose Valley Dam and Lakeview Irrigation District Water System.

George Crt. Beach Access a developer attempted to acquire a community beach access to build a 6 car garage. Together with a group of Westbank Pioneer families we successfully opposed this proposal.

A majority vote resulted in a NO to building a City Hall in Westbank.

Alternative Approval Process: together with Ian Graham and a group of volunteers we succeeded in having a public Referendum regarding the City Civic Centre in Westbank.

Together with Westside Residents and Business Association successfully completed the revitalization of the Brook Haven Care Centre fountain and grounds.

Received a TD Canada Trust Grant, and matching funding from Lakeview Irrigation District and the District of West Kelowna to design and plant the Park at Petro Canada on the corner of Ross Rd. and Bartley Rd.

On October 20th 2018 vote for the change of leadership that West Kelowna needs. VOTE FOR MARY MANDARINO for MAYOR


Gord Milsom

Each day I feel lucky to call West Kelowna my home. We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am honored to have the opportunity to be the next Mayor of West Kelowna. I believe that the potential for our city is endless.

After much public consultation over the past several months, I am confident that I understand the priorities of our community and I will work hard to continue to move West Kelowna forward in a positive manner.

Some of my goals and objectives will include:

- Connecting, listening, and communicating with our residents
- Having clean, high quality water throughout our community
- Continuing to invest in safe roads, sidewalks, and bike paths
- Investing in our policing services to help protect our citizens from crime
- Attracting new business and appropriate housing to create jobs and add to the tax base
- Instilling a solutions based, "How can I help you?" customer service attitude throughout City Hall
- Improving new housing approval processes and timelines to become a more "business friendly" community
- Building positive relationships and collaborating with our good neighbours, Westbank First Nations, the Cities of Kelowna and Peachland, and with our other Regional Partners
- Lobbying the Provincial Government for an urgent care centre located on the Greater Westside - Constantly trying to improve the value our residents receive for their tax dollars

By working together, we will continue to build a community that we are proud of, leaving a legacy for future generations.

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Philip Akins

My platform is focused on four key areas: collaboration and relationship-building; community health and wellbeing; smart growth; and community safety. We all want a community that thrives. That means investing in critical infrastructure, making sure citizens get the services they need, attracting new businesses, and effectively implementing plans to preserve and develop what we love about West Kelowna. To thrive as a community we all need to feel safe; to feel heard and valued; and to have opportunities to pursue rich and meaningful experiences. I want to be part of a government that is proactive about hearing from the diversity of voices in our community, committed to including those voices in its decision making, and transparent about the decisions that it makes.


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Jerome Chung

My main reason for running is whether the residents or voters needed a change of members in the city council and what do they need to build a strong council that can voice for the people in West Kelowna with respect to many issues at hand in terms of upgrades or new infrastructures for the growing city population. This also include the scrutiny of the budgets and of the performance of the city manager(s). On top of that, how do we deal with the snail pace of implementing projects that are dependent upon the Provincial & federal governments. Therefore, we put it to the voters' decision in getting the right candidate(s) for the job.


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Rick de Jong

My name is Rick de Jong and I ask for your continued support and your vote as I seek re-election to West Kelowna's City Council.

Moving forward together, building this community in a fiscally responsible manner, there are four areas in need of ongoing focus:

• Infrastructure upgrades – As we improve basic infrastructure such as our water systems, roads, and sidewalks, our community becomes a more desirable place to live, work and play.
• Public safety – As our population increases local government needs to work with the RCMP and local Fire Rescue Services to ensure that resources are in place to meet the needs of our community.
• Health services improvements – West Kelowna Council needs to keep improved health services as a key priority.
• Economic development – A successful local economy provides resources needed by our community as we grow.


Brad Dobbin photo


Bradley Dobbin


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Rusty Ensign

Rusty's commitment to you as the citizens of West Kelowna: As an eleven year trustee of Lakeview Irrigation District I want to continue to use my background to ensure that the new Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant project is built properly, completed on time, and on budget, if not under budget. With your vote, another way I hope to keep taxes down is to continue to advocate for the gravel resource on the City Works Yard property be utilized for City projects.

My re-election will help ensure that the Development Services Enhancements and Improvements Review and Report program will be implemented. With no additional expense this will help create jobs, increase our tax base, bring in much needed DCC's for infrastructure improvements, keep taxes low and increase services for our citizens.

I have been lobbying council for a full cost-savings review of contracting out of hired equipment, snow plowing and road maintenance which must be done in order to evaluate whether purchasing equipment for the city is cost effective or not.

In order to get the best return on investment in tourism I wish to continue working to ensure that West Kelowna becomes a member of Tourism Kelowna.

My re-election will help me ensure that applicants for Variance Permits and Temporary Use Permits are able address council directly, and that the entire Permit process is faster, more efficient, and cost effective.

This council has many accomplishments of which I'm proud of. However I voted against the Webber Road traffic circle project, against two bike lanes on the Boucherie Wine Trail Phase 2 and did not vote for the Wine Trail project.

There are still playgrounds needed, trails and forest mitigation in parks. More RCMP officers need to be hired, road maintenance; ie. pot holes, and sidewalks, plus safe communities and faster access to health care are still part of my priorities.

Council's aggressive plan to build more sidewalks needs to continue. And of course being a quadriplegic I will continue to lobby for better access for the disabled community. On re-election, I will continue to answer all my phone calls, emails and advocate on behalf of the all the residents of West Kelowna on these issues and many others.

With your vote, I can continue to help this city, with so much potential, be a great place to live work and play!


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Doug Findlater

My wife, Willie, and I have lived on the Westside for over 43 years and have raised two sons here. I'm proud to have received the trust of voters and served the people of the City of West Kelowna as a full time Mayor for the last 10 years and previously one year as Councillor. I've decided that after three terms and ten years as mayor of West Kelowna, it is time to step back from the hectic mayoral schedule and to spend more time with family yet still contribute to the community of West Kelowna. Community members have asked me to continue offering my expertise to the citizens of West Kelowna by running for a seat on West Kelowna City Council. I am passionate about West Kelowna issues. As a member of council I will focus on major infrastructure issues, economic development, public safety, financial responsibility and continuing to limit tax increases. My prior involvement in the community has not only included Chair of the Westside Governance Committee studying the incorporation of the Westside over the span of several years, but I also served as President of the Glenrosa Resident's Association on two separate occasions. I was also a Director of Interior Savings Credit Union from 1996-2013. I am very proud of my record 100% attendance at Council meetings since Incorporation in 2007, and near perfect attendance as a West Kelowna Director to the Regional District Board. I am also pleased that during my 3 terms as Mayor, council has limited tax increases to 3% or less, thus keeping West Kelowna affordable.


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Jason Friesen

I am running for West Kelowna City Council to add a fresh and new perspective on West Kelowna City Council. Previous and current councils have done an admiral job in developing policies and procedures that were needed to operate on annual basis. We are now in a position where we need to switch gears and develop a vision for the future. A vision that will attract investment and development. West Kelowna needs to be city that is seen as being "Open for Business". Being seen as grateful for the investment that businesses and developers want to bring to our community by providing a streamlined, timely and consistent process that is deemed as business friendly. Working WITH our regional neighbours, Westbank First Nation, Kelowna and Peachland to develop and support a larger vision for the area as a whole that will support and benefit all communities. A vision that provides a safe environment for our residents. Prioritizing safety for our residents and children with safe and clean water, sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting over some of the other "nice to haves". Ensuring that our police and fire department staffing levels are adequate. Pursue and support investment for more affordable and supportive housing solutions as well as an urgent care centre in our community. A vision of a vibrant community that will attract new families to our community and create opportunities for our own families to stay, work, play and age well. Providing adequate recreational programs and facilities for all ages. Maintaining and promoting the natural wonders that we are blessed with; parks, biking and hiking trails, golf courses, the lakes and beaches. Ultimately, we need to have a vision that incorporates the visions of our residents. We need to do a better job in listening to our residents as well as providing clear and more frequent communication on the plans and direction of the city. My hope is that the residents of West Kelowna will not only support me, but join me, in developing, creating and living this vision.


Joe Gluska photo

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Joe Gluska

I am running for West Kelowna City council for several reasons; City councils need to be rejuvinated periodically as councils can become stale after years and years of being re-elected. New councillors bring a new perspective to issues that previous councils have had to deal with over the past 10 years. Three things I believe in strongly are: Densification in the appropriate areas; building more sportfields for youth, clubs and West Kelowna; lastly preservation of industrial land, key to attracting companies and good jobs.


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Stephen Johnston

My name is Stephen Johnston and I'm running for council in West Kelowna. I've lived in West Kelowna a long time in fact I grew up here and can honestly say this place is home. For the past 13 years Ive been married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Leah and we are proud to be raising two awesome pre-teen kids in this community.

As many of you know in 2014 I ran for mayor of West Kelowna. It was an incredible experience; I grew, learned a lot, and met many amazing people along the way. I'm proud of the campaign I ran and was very encouraged by the support I received on election day. That level of support has shown me that West Kelowna is ready for a fresh voice on council.

Over the past 4 years I've maintained an active profile in our community working with the city as a member of the Community Working Group for the Central Okanagan Planning Study, as the vice-chair of the West Kelowna Economic Development Committee and as the President of the West Kelowna Shelter Society.

This year my platform focuses on 3 key areas; sustainable economic development, revitalizing our community culture and strengthening ties with local and regional partners. Its important that we begin to define a clear vision for our city. We have a lot to be proud of in West Kelowna and even more to look forward to in the future.


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Rosalind Neis

As a parent, nurse and 23 year resident of West Kelowna I have seen many changes – some great, some not good. I love this area and want it to remain unique and special – the semi-rural feel is what is so wonderful and I believe that every neighborhood should retain their special features and NOT be blanketed with city wide policies and zoning. As a taxpayer I will ask the tough questions on council and do my research into issues that come to the table. I am not "one of the flock" and have tried to bring a different point of view to discussions at council.


Tiffany Paré photo

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Tiffany Paré



Winston Wammer photo

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Winston Wammer

I want to be part of a wise council, who listens to the residents and acts in a timely and logical way. You can't run any form of Government if you do not listen to the people, and technology offers us many ways to do that.

• Business is the engine of a city, it powers wages and taxes and enables schools, shops and recreation.
• Development is necessary, but needs to be well planned – unplanned development leads to traffic chaos which strangles businesses, recreation, shopping . . . just life really.
• Water is and will become even more so a critical resource to manage. We have too much in some places and not enough in others. We need to creatively find a way of managing excesses and shortages.
• Many issues we face are bigger than West Kelowna - traffic, crime, flooding, fires - and we are best able to address them if we work co-operatively with other municipalities and government to find new ways and best practices to manage these problems.
• Life is more than work and growing towns need good sports facilities to help the younger generations develop the skill sets to achieve success in life.
• We are still in a time of low interest rates, and there is nothing wrong in borrowing funds to provide much needed infrastructure improvements. Sure, our kids will pay for it in later years, but they will have played on, be driving on, maybe have been treated by and be enjoying, the benefits of those improvements.


Gordon Wiebe photo

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Gordon Wiebe

For years, I've been active in the Westside community - most notably promoting the construction of a domed soccer pitch for our youth. Our organization approached council with a need, a plan and money to cover capital costs. It should be a slam dunk but the facility is still not built. If elected, I would like to see a greater sense of urgency applied to our infrastructure projects - roads, sidewalks, water, etc. I believe our council and staff can improve the way we "engage" our community and volunteer organizations and the way we "showcase" Westside talent, expertise and "know how."


Bryden Winsby photo

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Bryden Winsby

I am a 33-year resident of the Westside and what is now the City of West Kelowna.

I am seeking a fourth term on city council and am confident I have the experience and ability to do the job. As a councillor I am chair of the Okanagan Regional Library board finance committee and the city's representative on the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission advisory board. Fiscal responsibility, smart growth and a caring community are the primary planks in my re-election platform.

Making the transition from a semi-rural to an urban community has been full of challenges, not the least of which has been playing 'infrastructure catch-up', upgrading or providing new roads, sidewalks, bridges and utilities, acquiring parkland and developing recreation facilities that other communities of similar size have had for decades. All this has been done while keeping tax increases at or below three per cent a year, a policy I expect to continue.

Our city has grown steadily since it was incorporated, and while the development industry is a key economic driver, we must continue to ensure that environmental and social values are maintained and neighbourhood opinions are respected when higher-density projects are proposed.

Lack of affordable housing and homelessness are issues in West Kelowna as they are in many Canadian communities. Tackling them is no simple matter, but we know we have to try. A good step in that direction was completion this summer of the 'Point in Time' survey, a snapshot of the homelessness situation in West Kelowna and Westbank First Nation. The survey was aimed at determining how many people in the area experience housing challenges and providing basic demographic information to help direct future programs, policy changes and other support.


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Carol Zanon

Carol is ready to continue contributing to the future of West Kelowna!

Carol Zanon is once again asking for your vote as she seeks re-election to the West Kelowna City Council on October 20th, 2018!

Carol is proud of the role she has had in the development of West Kelowna since its incorporation as a City in 2007. As an active member of West Kelowna's City Council since the City's inception, Carol remains in constant contact with area residents and businesses, and pays attention to their feedback.

Carol looks forward to once again having the opportunity to continue serving the residents of West Kelowna - on October 20th, 2018, vote for Carol Zanon for City Council!


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Jayson Zilkie

I have lived in West Kelowna since 1990 and I love my city. Along with all the great things about living in a growing community, there are some challenges. How do we, as a city, work through the growing pains and overcome the frustrations? How do we build a foundation for the future, and establish West Kelowna as a place where businesses and families can grow and thrive?

I believe the answers to those questions start at City Council.
I'd like to see a council that ensures municipal services have the ability to keep up with our growth, through leadership, planning, funding, and partnerships.
I'd like to see a council with diverse business and leadership expertise.
I'd like to see a council that reflects the diverse stages of life we see in our residents.
I'm ready to be a part of that, and I'd be honoured to represent you on City Council.

Quick Facts:
• Long-term resident
• Husband to Erin, Dad to Micah, Amara and Baby #3 (en route)
• Bachelor of Business Administration & Marketing
• Senior Manager, Business Development, Refresh Financial (Top 40 Fastest Growing Companies in North America)
• Trained in "Crucial Conversations" - to work with organizations, boards, councils, and companies to better collaborate, create win-win outcomes and have critical conversations with positive outcomes.
• Small Business Owner, Okanagan Baby Rentals
• Member, Powers Creek Community Church
• Treasurer and Board member, Kelowna Gospel Mission


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Cindy Fortin

My name is Cindy Fortin, and I am running for re-election as Mayor of Peachland.

I have been a resident of Peachland for the last 35 years, and raised my three children here.

Prior to becoming a Council member in 2011, and Mayor in 2014, I worked for more than 20 years as a freelance journalist. Before that I was Practical Nurse in seniors care.

Over the last four years, I have been determined to see our community get a new water treatment plant to provide clean, safe drinking water for all, which is now in the design phase, as well as affordable seniors housing. One of my first goals, if re-elected, is to work on getting grants to connect the remaining residents to the sewer system. I also will continue to advocate for increased resources for wildfire and flood prevention and response.


Harry Gough photo Email

Harry Gough



Harry Gough photo Email

Eric Hall



Bob Henderson photo

Bob Henderson



Keith Thom

I love Peachland and have been thrilled and honoured to serve this wonderful community the past four years. I would cherish the opportunity to do so again in the role as Mayor.

Please check out my web site for my full Platform. One of the biggest concerns I have is to grow the complement of affordable housing options in Peachland. Our seniors and young families work hard and deserve a safe and affordable place to call home.

My team and I are working hard to win your trust and support. Give me a call or shoot me an email with any questions or concerns.

In the 2014 municipal election, just 42% of eligible voters in Peachland cast a ballot. Let's work to improve that number.

On October 20th…Just Vote


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Terry Condon



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Pete Coolio



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Pam Cunningham

I moved to Peachland in 2001 and have always volunteered when needed, this led to becoming the President of the Peachland World of Wheels. I was asked four years ago to run for council which seemed like the logical next step to represent the town that I love. I feel that I have learned so much this first term that I will bring even more to the table for a second term. I am employed as a full-time licensed practical nurse specializing in long term care.


Keith Fielding photo


Keith Fielding

I was honoured to serve as mayor of Peachland from 2008-2011 and again from 2011-2014. I now wish to serve in the role of councillor and use my knowledge and experience to help ensure that through managed growth and sustainable development, Peachland retains its small town character long into the future and remains a unique, charming and vibrant place in which to live - a place noted for its beauty, its concern for the environment, its thriving arts community and its extraordinary level of volunteer engagement.

I believe that the Downtown Sustainable Plan is a critical element in creating such a future and I will seek to have it re-instated as part of our Official Community Plan. I will also seek to amend zoning bylaws to ensure that height restrictions on properties fronting Beach Avenue reflect the three storey height limit envisaged in that plan thereby keeping them at "human scale" and preventing them from eclipsing views on lands behind the laneways.

Other goals include preventing Highway 97 from being 4-laned through Peachland, providing support for Phase 2 of the Seniors Housing project, protection of Peachland's watershed, fiscally responsible infrastructure development, and cost effective service delivery: these being issues that I believe have strong community support.

Most importantly, I want to be part of a council that engages respectfully with the public it serves: one that encourages community engagement, listens to community sentiment as expressed at open houses and public hearings, and recognizes that its duty is to represent the electorate not to tell it what is good for it.

Rick Ingram photo

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Rick Ingram



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Mike Kent



Andrew Kwaczynski photo


Andrew Kwaczynski



Karen Mustard photo


Karen Mustard



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Leanne Sarsons

I am looking forward to serving the people of Peachland as a new voice on council.

After retiring from Telus in Calgary, I returned to Peachland and am presently a director with the Peachland Ambassador Society. Working with the youth in Peachland is very rewarding and volunteering at community events in this capacity has been a wonderful experience. I love meeting the people and am a good listener.

One thing that I would like to do is lobby for safety on Drought Hill with cement dividers down the middle and solar power reflectors.

You can contact me on twitter or instagram @sarsons4councillor or email sarsons4councillor@gmail.com

I hope you will vote for me on OCT 20. Vote as you wish but please vote!


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Patrick Van Minsel

I am a energetic progressive candidate with fresh ideas. We are faced with many challenges in the next 20 years, challenges like maintenance of infrastructure, smart growth, attainable housing for young families, sewer infrastructure and much more. My platform is on my website www.electpatrickvaminsel.com go and check it out.


Mario Vucinovic photo


Mario Vucinovic





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James Baker photo


James Baker

James was born in Lytton BC and has a BA (Honours) degree in Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology and an MA in Archaeology from SFU. He taught anthropology and archaeology at Okanagan College and OUC from 1974 to 2000. He was named Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at OUC in 2000 and at UBCO in 2007.

James and Anita moved to Winfield in 1976. James was a strong supporter of incorporation and was an advocate of the ward system which assures neighbourhood representation on Council. He was Area Director for the Regional District of Central Okanagan from 1981 to 1993, Lake Country Councillor from 1995 to 2000 and has been Mayor of Lake Country since 2005.

James believes municipal government must focus on service. All constituents must be treated fairly, respectfully, efficiently and courteously.


Barry Rhodes photo Email

Barry Rhodes

Born in Trail BC, moved to Vancouver Island where my father operated a dairy farm after serving in the Canadian Armed Forces PPCLI.

I attended school in Greater Victoria graduating from Victoria High. After high school I tried a couple jobs in hospitality as well as running a successful landscaping company.

After finding my passion for law enforcement I attended Georgian College, Camosun College and JIBC. I worked as a Correctional Officer in a maximum security prison

• I was the chairman for the piping & drumming for the Victoria Highland Game became President for two years
• I was President of the Vancouver Island Pipers Association • Piping and Drumming editor for the Scottish News Paper
• Manager for the Esquimalt Legion Pipe Band
• Volunteered for the Victoria City Police Community Policing Program
• Volunteered Vancouver Island Youth Custody Centre mentoring troubled youth

After retiring from Corrections, I came to Lake Country and soon decided to make this my home. In early 2014 I packed my family and moved to the beautiful Okanagan.


Councillor Header

D. Oscar Barnes photo


D. Oscar Barnes

D. Oscar Barnes is a lawyer with offices located in Winfield since 2010. He has been a resident in Lake Country since 2008. Mr. Barnes has taken an active role in the encouragement of new business and tourism in Lake Country, and is a Director of the Lake Country Chamber of Commerce.


Penny Gambell photo


Penny Gambell

Penny Gambell grew up in Lake Country. A UBC graduate, Penny is a former teacher. A mother to three children and grandmother to six, today she and her son Andrew farm together in Lake Country.

Penny's past experience as an Agricultural Land commissioner, President of the BC Fruit Growers Association and Canadian Horticultural Council gives her a good understanding of community land issues. During these years she also served on a number of federal and provincial boards. She has been active in the Oceola Arts Council, United Church Council, Lake Country Youth Soccer and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Since 2005, Penny has served Lake Country as Councillor at Large. She has been Council appointee on the following committees: Tourism Kelowna, Safe Schools Committee, Lake Country Water Services Advisory Committee, Access and Mobility Committee, Economic Development Committee, Lake Country Agricultural Advisory Committee and as Mayor's Alternate to CORD.


Jeanette Lambert photo


Jeanette Lambert

Jeanette was born on Vancouver Island into an RCMP family. She lived in numerous BC towns until her family transferred to Toronto. She attended Seneca College and Lake Shore Teacher's College in Ontario.

In 1983 she earned her CGA designation while living in Edmonton. For twelve years she operated her own property management and real estate company.

Jeanette purchased her Carr's Landing home in 1990 and both of her children were born in the Okanagan Valley. She sold her Alberta company and moved into her residence full time in 1995.

On her return to B.C she held top accounting positions as the Controller at Silver Star Club Resort, Predator Ridge Golf Club and currently at Anthony's Auto Sales.

Her two children attended Davidson Road Elementary and George Elliot. The Boy's and Girl's Club provided daycare and after school care. Her son, Justin, recently graduated as a Doctor of Medicine at UBCO. Her daughter, Tiana, is enjoying the sporting life.

She views it a privilege to have lived in Carr's Landing for 28 years. They were able to take advantage of the sporting activities and high caliber educational facilities in the area. Being a single parent and sole provider, the cost effectiveness of the close proximity to all those facilities was a blessing.


Todd McKenzie photo


Todd McKenzie

Todd McKenzie chose Oyama, moving from Kelowna 11 years ago. He studied business at Caribou College and proceeded to develop his technical skills in the Industrial environment. Passionate about family life being the best it can be, the move to Oyama was a natural fit for his wife Tena and their two kids, Cassie(20) and Tate (17). In his free time, he has enjoyed coaching youth soccer, hockey and baseball. He is currently in his 8th year as a member of the local Minor Hockey board and believes volunteering is essential to providing great experiences for our youth in school and sports. Currently also on the ORL (Library)board, Lake Country Senior Housing Society, Agriculture Advisory Committee and local Parks and Recreation board. He has enjoyed his first year and a half on Council and would like to continue the progress he has been
a part of.

He loves spending time outdoors whether it be fishing on our local lakes, biking on our rail trail, hiking the mountains or walking any of our fabulous trails. Grateful to live in such a great place that is full of opportunities, Todd is looking forward to being an integral part of the smart development of our community making it a better place for all our families, neighbours and friends.

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Justin Neufeld

Justin was born and raised in Oyama, BC spending his entire life rooted here in Oyama. Between travelling the world and working away in the oilfield, he has spent his free time here where he calls home, loving the beauty and bustling year round activity of our Okanagan Valley.

He went to elementary school at Oyama Traditional School, high school at George Elliot Secondary, and business school at Okanagan College. He spent a semester studying in Switzerland and gained invaluable experience travelling all throughout Europe.

Justin has thoroughly studied business, finance, economics, political science, philosophy, and the environment. He has a diploma and a degree in Business Administration from Okanagan College. He has also taken many supplemental courses of interest and actively enjoys much extra-curricular reading and study.

He has spent most of his adult life working in the oilfield and also has experience in financial advising and volunteering on numerous boards, charitable groups, and affiliations. He enjoys spending his extra time with groups and causes that he believes make a measurable positive difference in the world and actively gives to charity. He loves giving back and truly wants to make a real positive difference.


Cara Reed photo


Cara Reed

Cara grew up on a rural island off the coast of the UK with her two brothers. She graduated from the University of London with an honours degree. In 2008, Cara and her husband Shaun moved to Canada, and they were blessed to find Carr's Landing a place to call home.

Cara feels privileged to live in Lake Country with its outstanding natural beauty, orchards and vineyards, the wealth of outdoor opportunities and the warmth and community spirit of the people.

Passionate about her community - Cara lead the successful charge to save Gable Beach North for the public, worked closely with the DLC to host a Town Hall meeting on waterfront access, and as Vice-Chair of the Carr's Landing Community & Recreation Association.

Cara has also been Parish Council Chair at St. Edwards Church, a volunteer for the Oceola Fish & Game Club Banquet, and even a season as Sparky the Fire Dog with Lake Country Fire Department in our local schools' Fire Safe Program!

Cara has extensive management & leadership experience in a diverse set of businesses, including veterinary medicine, agriculture, marketing, government, geographic information, oil and gas, and education.

Skiing, hiking, camping, and baking are other passions, the last of which is much enjoyed by their clumber spaniel, Spud.


Bill Scarrow photo


Bill Scarrow

Bill Scarrow was born in Lake Country to H.A. (Bubs) and Barbra Scarrow and grew up on a farm. He attended school locally and has witnessed our community's growth and development over the decades. Bill is married to Simone and they have 2 grown children - Rolland and Verena - and 2 grandchildren.

Bill is proud to work as a city transit operator.


The following Councillors have been acclaimed:

Blair Ireland (Councillor - Okanagan Centre)
Jerremy Kozub (Councillor - Winfield)





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Mark Bartyik photo

Mark Bartyik (Acclaimed)


West Electoral Director Header

Penny Gambell photo

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Wayne Carson

Regionally my goals are to:

1/ Be the voice of the different communities in their efforts to communicate on service issues and cost with the RDCO Board and Administration
2/ Mud slides / Road Drainage & septic contamination from the runoff
3/ Local Governance
4/ Program, services, water and Planning Function financial accountability.


John Cole photo


John Cole

My platform at this point is to assure effective, efficient, sustainable program delivery throughout the RDCO program range.
In particular, environmental sustainability, top quality wildfire responses, safe highways and infrastructure, and responsive social programs that meet the needs of West Electoral Area citizens.
If elected, that would mean a thorough program review in collaboration with citizens in the West Electoral Region.