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Colin Basran

First and foremost, I am a husband to a wonderful wife Leanne and father to two amazing children. Mediocre but passionate hockey player & fan, a music addict, and mildly obsessed with the local food and wine scene. Kelowna is the city I was born and raised in and the place I hope to always call my home. I have had the fortune to serve Kelowna as Mayor for the past 4 years and hope to keep doing so for 4 more! Under my leadership, I am proud that Kelowna has continued to evolve as one of the best communities in the world to call home. Today, our City has one of the strongest local economies in the country. We've been named "Best place in Canada for Entrepreneurs" in 2016. "Best Place in BC to Start a Small Business" and in 2018, we were named one of the most fiscally responsible communities in BC. In 2017, we had our best development year in our City's history enabling more diversity in housing and we are on pace for the same this year. Today, we continue to be one of the fastest growing cities in Canada bringing us both challenges and opportunities. I've met challenges head-on fighting hard for Kelowna residents. I've also learned as mayor, that leadership for our city is about doing what is right for the entire community, not just one special interest group. I believe Kelowna should be a place for everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or how much money you have. I'm proud of the diverse, accepting and inclusive city we are becoming. We are often faced with difficult decisions and we can't please everyone, yet I've been steadfast and laser-focused on my vision for a strong Kelowna. A Kelowna that is safe for all residents and has a resilient, multi-sector economy that develops in a positive way, so our kids and grandkids are able to build a fulfilling life here. I've been at the forefront of protecting our beautiful natural environment, agricultural land and lake while pushing to ensure all residents have a place to call home. If you believe in supporting this vision of Kelowna, I humbly ask you to vote for me on October 20th!


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Tom Dyas

If I become Mayor I will work in a timely and effective manner to address the issues Kelowna is facing. Of importance is developing a more open line of communication between city hall and the community, addressing the traffic congestion; providing safe streets and parks which leads to looking at the policing issue and finally affordable housing and developing a strategy that promotes Kelowna as a business friendly environment.



Bobby Kennedy



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Bob Schewe



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Lindsay Bell

I have watched the downtown grow increasingly dangerous for many years, silently hoping for change. I will no longer be silent. The present solution that has been put into place, is not working. I will lobby our Provincial Government to act, with urgency to collectively solve our mental health and addiction crisis. I will ask them to come to Kelowna and see the crisis for themselves. Immediately, I would put up a fence between Ellis and Pandosy, along the alley way. Drug use is clearly visible from 97 and many people congregate there. My children have already seen to much! Cannabis will be legal soon. We must act now to implement the same bylaws as where cigarette smoking is permitted. Seniors need a voice in city hall. I will create a seniors committee with a council member serving as a liaison. Communication and collaboration is the key. Finally, the residents of Agassiz are outraged. I am on there side. Planning for a housing strategy should be done as per long term plans with the city and the community and in sync with the OCP.


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Kevin Bond



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Mark Boyer

When asked why I decided to run for City Council I tell them Accessibility, Accountability, and Common Sense.

I feel that a lot of decisions are made not taking into account what benefits of most of the citizens of Kelowna, not just a few.

Navigating the City's website can be daunting, especially for those who aren't overly computer literate. For Accessibility, I'd like to see a 311 phone number where calls for service, concerns or complaints can be taken and forwarded to the correct department.

At times there seems to be a lack of accountability by council and some staff for decisions that are made. There shouldn't be the last minute push for civic concerns at election time. Council hears the complaints about things like traffic yet nothing is done. I would like to see a ward system where you know which councillor represents where you live because they do too. This also goes back to accessibility. It would certainly make all candidate meetings more informative but because of the sheer numbers running you don't get to ask questions.

Common sense is a rare commodity these days. If something isn't working fix it. Make sure plans include roadways wide enough for transit and parking. Think outside the box and ask the hard questions.


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Wayne Carson

My issues are:

1/ Develop a plan to address Traffic Gridlock and Realistic Public Transit Plan
2/ Amalgamation of the Valley's three Regional Districts to one Valley wide governance model
3/ The total elimination of all single use plastics. I also believe that all Kelowna City budgeted programs, policies, grants and such need to be reviewed for value, effectiveness and cost to and for the taxpayer if found wanting they need to be eliminated.


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Greg Dahms

Create a vibrant, sustainable and safe city for everyone to enjoy.

To accomplish this we need to ensure:

Foster small business growth as well as attract new businesses to the region to ensure future job creation and a strong economy. Ensure our transportation infrastructure keeps up with our growing city as well as public transit.

Increase the availability of rental units and affordable housing. Use the tax base we already have and use it wisely to ensure no major tax hikes

A safe place to live for our residents as well as the tourists that visit our jewel of a city. Address the homeless population as well as the impact it is having on our city.

A growing city needs a strong community. To thrive we need to foster economic opportunities, protect our environment and create safe, affordable public spaces we can all enjoy.

Maxine DeHart (incumbent)

- Healthy, safe and inclusive community for all citizens.
- Vibrant downtown and business centres.
- Long term diversified housing plan.


Ryan Donn (incumbent)

Over the past four years I have had the gift of serving Kelowna on City Council. I am asking for your vote to use the time you have invested in me to take more actions on the plans and ideas we have formed. We need to support our homeless, increase our housing supply to increase our rental availability, develop our parks (Glenmore/Centennial), fund the HWY 33 extension to Clement, start building PRC, fund multi-modal transportation options, hire more RCMP, and advocate for more funding from the Province and Federal Government as we aim to close our infrastructure deficit. Please go to my website and read my "50 next steps" blog for a full run down of my ideas for Kelowna but also I want to hear your ideas for Kelowna. Reach out and connect with me directly.


Gail Given (incumbent)

Often described as clear-minded, honest and thorough, Gail is also a lifelong learner with a positive attitude and the resiliency necessary to adapt to rapidly changing environments. For 37 years, Gail Given has lived and raised her family in the Kelowna area. She is blessed with three wonderful adult children; Brianna, Kaitlynn and Brenndan.

Gail Given has served the citizens of Kelowna for over 10 years as an elected official; first as a School Board Trustee, then for the past two terms as a City Councillor and Director on Regional District of Central Okanagan, most recently as Board Chair. She is also Chair of the Regional Hospital District, Tourism Kelowna director, member of the Economic Development Commission advisory board, Salvation Army Community Council and Trinity Church member. Her business, HR and leadership skills were developed through a successful 25-year management career at The Bay.

As a two term City Councillor, Gail Given is acutely aware of Kelowna's current challenges and opportunities. She has the experience and knowledge that come from being involved in the development of the many significant guiding strategies that will help our city navigate the future.


Charlie Hodge (incumbent)

I believe I represent the average citizen and provide a voice of common sense and reason. Born and raised in the Okanagan, Kelowna has been my home since 1962.

With 10 years City Council experience (seven in Kelowna and three in Parksville, B.C.) 10 years as Regional District Director, and 3 years as Southing Interior Local Government Association Director, I provide a veteran voice at the Council table.

The next four years will see a needed increase in vital discussions and negotiations with municipalities such as West Kelowna, Westbank First Nations, Lake Country, Peachland... and also Provincial and Federal governments.

Kelowna faces major decisions soon including crime, transit plans, the Parkinson Recreation Centre, Rutland Centennial Park, the Capri expansion, Cedar Ave., Glenmore Recreational Park, land-use, water quality, and encouraging further business growth and support not just downtown but throughout our various business sectors.

This past term on Kelowna Council has affirmed once again my willingness to ask tough questions, cut through red tape and bureaucratic baffle-gab, and insist Council and staff acknowledge the views of the public and businesses during the decision making process.

I believe Council should hear the public's thoughts and concerns and consider them strongly before making final decisions or directing projects to proceed.

I've occasionally been chastised by media or at the Council table for asking too many questions and deferring issues. That will probably continue if I am re-elected. I will never make a decision I do not have enough information on. If not provided with enough important details at the table I will not be rushed by other councillors, staff, media or anyone else to make a bad decision.

My job is to make the best decision possible and if that means asking tough questions and waiting until I get those answers, so be it. That's how I will continue to operate.


Craig Hostland

Serving The Community Craig and Patti have been part of this community for 20 years, working tirelessly to make it a better place for business, for community, for life.

United By A Common Goal We know the value of being connected. That's why I'm running for Kelowna City Council. To be connected at the highest level to effect change where change is needed.

Get Involved I can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating your time are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.


Graeme James

The issues that are front and center for me are the state of our downtown, City of Kelowna taxes, and transportation. Downtown Kelowna is in a deplorable state. The conditions downtown and their effects on business, residents, and visitors have to be addressed. While I fully support the Journey Home strategy and I acknowledge that homelessness and poverty are not crimes, the criminal element and the street population resistant to socialized housing and/or services has to be addressed immediately.

The close to 16% increase in City taxes in the last 4 years is unacceptable. I have first-hand experience dealing with City of Kelowna budgets and I know that 2% or under can be achieved without cutting or reducing services.

The transportation issues in Kelowna must be addressed in a proactive manner. The population of Kelowna is projected to increase by 38% in the next 20 years. While I encourage and support alternate transportation we cannot neglect the upgrading of existing roads and construction of new roads.


Amarjit Singh Lalli

On October 20th help move our city foreword by addressing the following priorities:

Our city streets and our parks must be clean and safe for families. We must ensure that the entire community can enjoy our amenities without being uncomfortable.

Our city is wide spread, and many people live outside the public transit corridor. Traffic flows must be dealt with.

Kelowna must become a city of growth but in a fashion that reflects and supports the entire community.

Our farmers must have an affordable and continuous supply of water. All commodities must be dealt with equitably.


Gord Lovegrove

My platform is smarter growth-based decisions, connecting the right people and guiding processes to get the job done:

o Kelowna's 1st Cohousing development ( to address supply and quality needs
o Kelowna's 1st Community U-Pass Program to get transit service improved for all areas that want it
o A Roundabouts 1st policy that puts a moratorium on traffic signals pending lifecycle cost reviews
o Planning for a zero-emission, Okanagan Valley electric regional passenger train (OVER PR) between the US Border and Kamloops to provide safer, cleaner, cheaper ways to connect tourists, markets, and housing (Learn more on OVER PR on October 18th at 7 pm in the Kelowna Innovation Center – free admission)
o Establish public advisary committees with members of council, staff and public to expedite inclusive, efficient decisions and effective, win-win actions on thorny emerging housing, development, transportation, safety, and agriculture concerns
o Address infrastructure deficits sustainably

Bottom line:
o I'm trusted to teach many future leaders
o I'm trusted to help nationally in engineering sustainable communities
o Will you trust me with your vote to help steer Your City into Our Future with My Experience?
o My name is Gord Lovegrove, and I'd like your vote for Kelowna City Council
o If you like what you've read, please LIKE lovegrovekelowna and SHARE it!


Jeff Piattelli

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in Kelowna my entire life. This Valley has provided my family and I with endless memories and opportunities, and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Running for council, my goal is to be a supporting, team player to the other elected members. I hope to bring a younger, fresh perspective on the major issues that we face, while continuing to be thankful and embrace the many positives that our City also provides.

My main concerns going forward:

- We must find a way to deal with the growing homeless population. Doing so will not only help those people get back on their feet but also provide an increased feeling of safety for residents and tourists. We must maintain our downtown beauty and functionality.

- Finding smarter, greener ways for people to traverse within in our City. As well as diagnosing current locations on our roads that can be improved, cost effectively. In order to properly maintain the growth of Kelowna we need to make it as accessible as possible.

- Supporting our local farmers, business owners, entrepreneurs and those who simply love Kelowna. These people are what made this City what it is today. We must ensure that we support those people and help them achieve and maintain success.


Mo Rajabally

The present Council seeking re-election has destroyed Kelowna by rewarding business with all kinds of building permits, punishing residents with traffic and pollution. Council's treatment of the rich, in comparison to the way it has treated the homeless has been inhuman, and now trying desperately to make amend.

The unproven reason Council gives to reward the rich is because it creates job. Do people really do not care when everything goes up in price and they find themselves with less and less money while Council gets almost $40,000 and the mayor double of that, for approving everything City bureaucrats put before them. It is easy money?

And, has anyone noticed the yearly property tax increase, when more houses were supposed to reduce City Hall expenses?


Dustin Sargent

Dustin Sargent moved to Kelowna from Vancouver Island in 2001 to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle. Since making Kelowna home he's started a family and become an active member of the business, art, farming and sports communities.

Dustin considers himself to be a pragmatic thinker. Dustin is passionate about creating positive change and plays an active role in the following endeavors: Soma Craft Cidery, Kelowna CrossFit, The Karis Support Society, New Horizon Productions and Davara Enterprises & Holdings where he currently is employed.

Over the years Dustin has volunteered with a variety of Non-Profits including being a board member of the Economic Development Commision, Central Okanagan Heritage Society, Festivals Kelowna, The Downtown Kelowna Association, Karis Support Society, Krysko Family & New Horizon Foundations.

Our community is key to building a successful future without neglecting our past or present, Dustin continues to look for ways to be a positive influence in all of his surroundings. He feels that by participating in such a diverse portfolio of interests since moving to Kelowna provides him the insight to work with and help balance the eclectic nature of our fastgrowing community.


Brad Sieben (incumbent)

Born and raised in Kelowna, Brad Sieben brings forth a perspective that is diverse and well-rounded. A graduate of the University of Victoria, Brad has taught high school in School District #23, worked for two multi-national corporations and assumed key leadership roles in a private, family-run business in which he was a part-owner (Hotel Eldorado, 2003-2014). He is currently a Partner in BNA Brewing Co. and an Executive with a private, National insurance brokerage. Brad was elected as a Kelowna City Councillor in 2014.

"I want to keep making a difference in my community. This is where I was born, where I grew up, where I choose to raise my family and where I have been involved in business. I want Kelowna to be a place where my children have opportunities when they are adults."


Mohini Singh (incumbent)

I am seeking re-election because I want Kelowna to be a VIBRANT, SAFE, and INCLUSIVE community. Over the past 7 years on council, I have fought to strike a balance between development growth and green space. I have voted for more resources to make our community safe. I will continue working for a HEALTHY, ACTIVE, and AGE-FRIENDLY city with STRONG industries, a THRIVING agricultural sector, and a CLEAN environment. My work on city council is driven by a passionate belief that our differences make us stronger. Through DIVERSE social and cultural networks, we create prosperous, safe and vibrant communities.


Luke Stack (incumbent)

My priorities for this term will be to expand and replace recreation facilities, improve community safety, promote affordable and rental housing and encourage steady healthy civic growth.


Stef Van Meeteren photo


Stef Van Meeteren



Loyal Wooldridge

Loyal Wooldridge believes The City of Kelowna is a large business and needs a strong, balanced voice to ensure that the changing needs and challenges are addressed in a responsible, sustainable way. As a business owner for 12 years, Loyal has the drive, business acumen and solutions-based approach to tackle the community concerns with innovation and fresh strategies. As we reach to increase safety, reduce homelessness and improve housing attainability, new innovative strategies need to be endorsed for maximum affect. Infrastructure for transportation and park space require new revenue streams in order to lessen the burden on taxpayers while increasing accessibility throughout the city. Loyal aims to fuse his business mind and social heart to serve all residents and business owners of Kelowna.