Flu Season

Deaths caused by the flu have some parents worried about the safety of their children.  There are reports influenza has killed 3 unvaccinated Saskatchewan preschoolers so far this season.  

Jonathan Spence with Interior Health says there's no cause for alarm.  He says you should be fine if you've been vaccinated, "What we are seeing fortunately is a flu strain that is a good match for the flu vaccine that is available this year.   So in terms of protection those that have been vaccinated already have a good level of protection and what's also nice is flu vaccine is still available and there's still an opportunity to get yourself and your family protected."

He says this year's flu risk is not significantly different from past years, "that indicates there's any additional serious risk beyond what we'd expect from regular season other than children and young adults are more impacted by this flu than some of the other strains we've seen recently."

But if you feel under the weather, Spence had some advice, " Stay home, don't get other folks ill.  If you start feeling very bad, if you have shortness of breath,  trouble breathing, severe headache or if the fever last for more than 3 days and you're finding it harder and harder to breath that's when you want to go to your doctor and get some help."