Freezing Rain Warning in Effect

A freezing rain warning has been issued for the Okanagan after spreading through Southern B.C.

Drive BC is warning drivers to be extremely cautious on Highway 3 and the Coquihalla, which have both become extremely slippery.

This can be attributed to the recent shift in temperature, with a patch of warm, moist air from a frontal system coming over a layer of arctic air.

"As long as there's some preciptation happening aloft, I think we're really going to want to watch the highways and the situation for the next few days," says Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist. "Maybe early next week it'll warm up enough that we'll be more into the rain category, at least for a day or two."

 Residents are also urged to be cautious when walking outside, as slippery walkways and roads, as well as falling tree branches and ice are all hazards that come with freezing rain.