Kelowna Airport Reacts to Grounding

A lot of people worried about their spring break travel plans.

Boeing's 737 Max 8's are now grounded in Canada and the U-S. 

The government moves come amid safety concerns arising from the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday that killed everyone on board, including 18 Canadians. 

Kelowna airport director Sam Sammadar says the order does impact at YLW.

He says Westjet and Sunwing are swapping in other aircraft - but recommends you check with your airline to see if everything is on schedule. Samaddar says it'll be a scramble to normalize Air Canada and Westjet flight schedules as they move other planes into the routes disrupted by the grounding of the Max 8's.

Sammadar says two Max 8's are currently parked at the airport waiting for repairs,  which will likely be conducted by Kelowna's K-F Aerospace as they have a maintenance contract with Westjet.