Lawyer Complaint about Vernon Courthouse

A Vancouver lawyer wants to see changes to include women at the Vernon Law Courts. 

Kyla Lee says a sign on the door said "Male Barristers" and she wasn't sure if she should or could go in. She said the room upstairs featured "nice couches" along with access to phones and a printer as well as information relevant to lawyers, including a job board. The sign on the door said "Male Barristers" she recounted.   "I felt very confused, I felt angry, I felt a little bit sad and I felt very uncomfortable," Lee told CTV Vancouver.

It turned out the room is for everyone.  When Lee walked into the basement of the courthouse, she found another room – that had the sign "Lady Barristers" covered up with letter-sized white paper with "Duty Counsel" typed on it.  The lawyer documented her experience in a Twitter thread and is now asking the Attorney General to find gender-neutral language for the door to be more welcoming.

David Eby wasn't available for an interview Monday but is expected to speak about the issue.

The controversy goes beyond the Vernon courthouse.  Lee is pushing for gender neutral language at B.C. courts.