14 tons of garbage/metal collected in Peachland cleanup

A group of dedicated volunteers worked some clean up magic in Peachland Saturday. Thanks to their efforts over a few short hours they collectively pulled just under four tons of garbage and over 10 tons of metal out of some chronic garbage hot spots.

The weekend event, hosted by the Regional District Waste Reduction Office, acted as the official kick off to Community Clean up Month which happens every April.  As part of the annual event, the Regional District encourages you to plan a clean- up of your own big or small, supplies all the bags and gear you may require, and will also arrange to pick up the garbage you collect when you’re done.

“This event showcases what great work people can do when their pool their collective resources and goodwill,” says Rae Stewart, Waste Reduction Facilitator with the Regional Waste Reduction Office. “We had approximately 50 dedicated volunteers take part in the clean- up. They tackled a number of chronic garbage trouble spots including the Princeton Avenue corridor, back roads near Spring Lake, the Bedford Trails and beyond. Volunteers helped yank everything from garbage to unsightly car bodies, appliances, tires, a hot tub, an old boat hull, and additional debris out of the bush.”

Stewart says huge environmental kudos go out to all those that dedicated their time and elbow grease to make a difference as part of the weekend clean-up. “Thank you as well to members of the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association, the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance, Okanagan Forestry Task Force and the Zip Zone that gave of their time and to ABC Recycling and For Less Disposal for their time and equipment to make the event happen.”

Stewart adds it’s not ok to dump or toss anything in the great outdoors. “Fortunately, there are many that are willing to do something about it and help spread the message- take care of our beautiful community, don’t sully our natural environment.”