20K stolen from school fund

A meeting is being held at 6:30 tonight at Glenrosa Elementary School, put on by the Parent Advisory Council.  A big crowd is expected after a letter was sent out to tell parents the Council’s bank account had been drained of approximately $20,000 by one of its members.

Sara Shakespeare, president of the Central Okanagan Parent Advisory Council says, “It was one person that did this…the rest of the team aren’t accountable for any of this.  (The person) took it over the summer break.”  The RCMP are currently investigating the unnamed individual. 

Shakespeare will talk to parents tonight about how the funds can be restored  “It’s going to be fundraising efforts to try and get that money put back up again, as soon as we can.”

The missing funds would've went toward activities for around 200 children, outside of the school's operating budget.  Things like field trips, carnivals, movie nights, bussing costs and hot lunches.

“I was just shocked to hear of such a big amount, gone.  In such a small community.  I call Glenrosa a village.  It’s just like a lovely little village.  To have it taken out of that lovely little village I just find that shocking,” says Shakespeare.