A million dollar provincial grant to White Rock to offset the cost of repairs to the famous pier

Over 17 million dollars to rebuild the famous White Rock Pier, damaged in a viscious storm just before Christmas.

City council there has given the go ahead to the project and now is looking for ways to fundraise to offset the costs.

Councillor Dave Chesney says the pier is a showpiece, "We want to get this thing back up and fixed as soon as we can and being that tourism is our number one industry, it is kind of the backbone. Now we've started to promote the fact that it is Canada's longest pier." Chesney adds, "I think you're well aware that people travel far and wide to see the tallest, the longest, the widest and we've very proudly laid claim to Canada's longest pier."

The provincial government today granted a million dollars to White Rock to help with the project. The province called the pier, the promenade and the waterfront, the economic and social heart of the community.