Airport solar panels a go

Council is paving the way for 720 solar panels to move into the airport business park.

Monday, council approved a development permit for the site, which Fortis will develop so it can rent panels to its customers.

Planning Manager Ryan Smith says any issues over the glare of sunlight affecting pilots have been dealt with.

"The manufacturer has assured the city that they will have a coating on it that stops any major glare from coming off the panels," he said 

"We did review the application with our partners at Kelowna International Airport, as well as NAV Canada and the Ministry of Transportation."

Councillor Luke Stack says the plans have him impressed.

"I'm really pleased Fortis is doing this as a pilot project. I've been wanting to see something solar for a really long time. and it's just exciting to finally see something come forward, which is actually fairly substantive as well," he said.

Fortis says its spread of solar panels will be the largest of its kind in BC.