Alleged Killer Emotionally Distraught at Victim's Death

New details are emerging as week two of the trial of Chad Colton Alphonse is underway.

A recording was played in court on Monday morning, which revealed that Alphonse was emotionally distraught after RCMP officers informed him that Waylon Jackson, whom Alphonse had allegedly stabbed moments before his arrest, had passed away.

One witness who was present at the RCMP detachment after Alphonse's arrest said his mood around the officers fluctuated that evening, going from calm, cooperative, and even jovial, to crying and being fairly aggressive, which was described as typical behaviour of someone under the influence of alcohol.

It was also revealed that, at the time of his arrest, Alphonse had multiple injuries to his face, such as a lump on his face and blood coming from his nose and mouth, likely sustained during the physical altercation with Jackson that allegedly took place during a social gathering in a Rutland home.

The witness that came forward on Monday was one of approximately 27 expected to speak during the trial. The identities of the witnesses are protected under a publication ban.