American drug case has West Kelowna connection

After losing several bids to halt his extradition, including in the Supreme Court of Canada, a 53-year-old Surrey man has pleaded guilty to cocaine smuggling charges in Seattle

Kevin Kerfoot, who now faces a minimum 10 years in prison, was charged after police in Washington  stopped a car in 2005 and discovered 41-kilos of cocaine - others in the vehicle indentified him as the operations' mastermind. 

There's also a West Kelowna connection to all of this - last summer, Reginald Purdom, a man listed as a key witness in Kerfoot's case was shot 8 times while driving on Highway 97 and Hudson Road by a man on a bike. 

He survived the shooting which happened just two weeks after Kerfoot lost a bid in BC Court of Appeal to stop his extradition.

29-year-old Tyrone McGee faces several charges, including attempted murder, and will appear in Kelowna court June 19th for the start of a series of preliminary hearings.