An injured Kelowna cyclist needs your help

A Kelowna woman, knocked down by a car while cycling last month, is trying to locate the driver.  

On AM 1150's Early Edition, Mikayla Pankratz said she was biking down Enterprise Way near Dilworth on May 28th, when a driver cut her off sending her flying.

She says the driver stopped and said he'd buy her a coffee - and then never came back - now ICBC wants her to try and locate the guy.

"They're looking into it, but I need to do my own due diligence to try and find as many witnesses as possible, or go back and check for surveillance. I've done my own things and I'm really just asking for anyone, who may have seen it, to help me find the guy to help me speed up this process," she says.  

Pankratz says there was a witness, but they couldn't get the guy's plate number.

"I was unable and the witness that was there was more concerned about helping me and we thought the guy stopped - he was going to stick around and everything was going to be okay - but unfortunately it just didn't work out that way," she says.

Pankratz says she suffered a concussion and has been off work.

She describes the driver as a white male in his mid-20's, driving a tan or silver 4 door sedan with a dent on the rear passenger side. 

If you saw the crash, and can help her, email Pankratz at