Annual tax sale approaches

The City of Kelowna has put out a public notice to almost 90 taxpayers who have become ‘delinquent’ and face losing their property.

“You have your ‘current’ year, the previous year is considered ‘arrears’ and the year before that is considered ‘delinquent,’” explained the City’s Revenue Supervisor, Angie Schumacher.  “Once you’ve gone three years, into that delinquent status, then by legislation, the city is required to post it to a tax sale.”

At a tax sale, a buyer can pay off the property owner's debt.  “And there is a one year redemption period for the individual who’s property has just been sold, for them to come and pay back all those delinquent taxes,” said Schumacher.  Failure to do that will result in the transfer of property to the person that purchased the debt at auction.

There’s also still time this month to ensure a property doesn’t go under the gavel.   “It’s not a goal to sell anyone’s property so we do try and give all the notices and opportunities for the owners to pay.  If they pay before the tax sale, they only have to pay for the delinquent part.”

Schumacher says the majority of the properties usually get paid off before going to sale.  Any that aren't will be sold at City Hall at 10 AM, Monday, September 24th.

The list of properties will be updated.  To see the list, or to find out more about the process go HERE.