Another local business angry with aggressive homeless

The owners of Helmut's Sausage Kitchen, off Commerce Avenue in Kelowna, are angry over what they see as a lack of enforcement when it comes to aggressive homeless people. 

On Facebook over the weekend - the owners posted an image of two people followed by text that read: "these two are threatening to break our Kelowna location windows."

It goes on to say these people have been in the store a dozen times, never buy anything, taunt the staff, and leave with their pockets full.

Helmut's owners say they act above the law - and know they can't be held accountable for their actions. They go on to complain it seems that police, the strip mall's security and bylaws officers are powerless to do anything. 

A supportive housing complex - Hearthstone - recently opened nearby on Commerce Avenue.

Just last week, Bliss Bakery in downtown Kelowna was the scene of a violent outburst.

Surveillance video shows a man picking up a patio chair and hurling it at the bakery's front windows.

A metal window frame stopped the chair from sailing through the glass and into a woman sitting inside.

Cafe Owner Darci Yo says it's just the latest in a series of incidents related to a temporary homeless shelter nearby - she's afraid for her staff and customers.