Another 'Wet' Facility in Rutland up for Discussion

McIntosh Supportive Housing

Tensions are growing amidst a housing battle between Rutland and the City.

Another controversial supportive housing complex slated for Rutland is seeking approval from Kelowna council on Monday.

The 4-storey, 50-unit development at the corner of McIntosh and Asher Roads will allow for drugs and alcohol to be consumed on site.

City Planner Laura Bentley explained why the project does not require a public hearing.

“The property is already zoned for this use and there are no variances associated with it so the development meets the regulations of the zoning bylaw for height, setbacks and parking,” said Bentley.

Rutland residents have demonstrated heavy opposition to similar projects in their community in the past, referencing their proximity to family and senior neighbourhoods, as well as schools and parks.

A supportive housing project on McCurdy Rd. was given approval last month, which is just a 17 minute walk away.

Many Rutland residents feel that their neighbourhood has taken more than their share of facilities that allow substance use.

If council approves the projects' form and character, it will come back to the table for a building permit.