Anti pipeline protests today across Canada

Anti pipeline protests are popping up across Canada today after the federal government's decision to buy the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

A demonstration is planned for Kelowna this afternoon, outside Kelowna-Lake Country MP Stephen Fuhr's office, on St. Paul Street. Campaign Director Logan McIntosh is surprised at how quickly the protests have come together in just a week.

"Across party lines people are coming out in opposition to this pipeline. It's grandmothers, it's teachers, it's students, it's everyday people who are not wanting their taxpayer dollars going to this pipeline," says McIntosh. "I think that across the board the message is quite clear that Canadians want their tax dollars to go to schools and hospitals, and not to a floundering Texas corporation." 

Organizers say voters must speak up before billions of tax dollars are wasted on the project that'll triple the volume of bitumen moving from the Edmonton-area to Burnaby.

McIntosh says they also plan to hand politicians a 100,000 name petition that opposes the expansion project.

Demonstrators also plan to gather outside BC premier John Horgan's office in Victoria.