Apple Bowl closing

The Apple Bowl Stadium is closing on August 2nd so the 400-metre running track can be re-surfaced.

The $600,000 project involves repairing deteriorated sections, resurfacing and re-lining of the entire track with a new acrylic surface.  “We’re putting a 3mm lift on the track and that’ll be done over the next month,” said Stadium Supervisor, Steve Favan.  The improvements are expected to give an additional 10-12 years of life to the track, at which point it will have to be replaced.

The Apple Bowl is a multi-purpose stadium located at the Parkinson Recreation Park and is home of the Okanagan Sun, of the Canadian Junior Football League.  These renos won’t have a massive effect on the team’s operations.  “They’re on the road for the next 3 to 4 games and then they’re going to have a long home stand,” said Favan.  As for training, “It’s business as usual for them.  There’s a rear access.  They would just simply open that up for practice and lock it at the end of the night.”

Future improvements to the athletic facilities at Apple Bowl Stadium will include new equipment for cross-fit training, planned for later this year.

Work on the running track is anticipated for completion by the start of September.