Apple harvest looks promising

It's apple picking season in Kelowna, and it's off to a good start.

Chris Pollock, Marketing Manager for BC Tree Fruits, says the current harvest is already looking like it’ll come close to last year's.

“There were about 2.3 million boxes of apples last year, and each box is 41 to 42 pounds,” says Pollock. “It’s looking like it’s going to be a similar size, if not a little bit less than last year in terms of the overall volume, but a big reason for that is that fruit size is larger.”

And despite an extremely smoky August from wildfires burning across BC, the quality of the apples hasn’t been negatively affected.

“The smoke actually helped our apple crop, because it blocked the sun from really affecting the fruit in terms of damage from things like sunburn,” says Pollock.

The apple harvest in Kelowna usually takes place from mid-August to late-October, with fruit pickers racing to collect all apples before the first frost hits.

Kelowna apples are mostly shipped throughout Western Canada, with some being shipped down to the U.S. and others sent as far away as Vietnam.