Aqua towers heading back to council

Mission Group says it's taken public feedback from the last eight months to improve its design of a major project.

The 'Aqua' condo project first made waves last year, when it was publicly presented to council to obtain rezoning.

The site in question is beside the Eldorado, between the ends of Cook Road and Capozzi Road - those streets will also be joined as part of the project.

It features 350 condo units in three towers, along with some lakefront townhomes, and upgrades to the waterfront area, namely with the pedestrian boardwalk, Aqua Marine Valet building, and boat launch.

Mission Group VP Luke Turri says they've slightly lowered the height of those buildings.

"Certainly height is an item that we looked at seriously, and we have reduced the height. Previously our application was 13, 16, and 19 storey buildings. Now we've brought those down to 12, 14, and 16 storeys," he said.

"The building forms have been reshaped a bit, we've emphasized more of a terracing towards the lakefront."

He says they're also shifting the ground-level design.

"One of the big changes that we've made is we've actually removed some of those waterfront townhomes facing the boardwalk, and we've created sort of a central, public destination," he said.

"This is an area that you're going to have the public be able to gather, have a bit of a cafe, perhaps rent a paddleboard or a kayak, and be able to experience the lakefront in various ways."

A big part of that will be a re-design of the Aqua Marine Valet boat storage building, as well as street-front retail.

Turri says that while it's primarily a condo project, they wanted to make sure people would come looking for it.

"Community benefits and public amenities for this area is absolutely important, regardless of what the project design is," he said.

"That's where we've made sure there are a number of pedestrian connections to link the public to the waterfront, and making sure things like the waterfront boardwalk are animated with that public retail space."

Mission Group will host a public open house at the Eldorado next Thursday (Jan. 18) afternoon, before getting back in front of council on January 23.