Are tiny homes in our future in Kelowna

Tiny home

The high cost of housing has some Canadians seriously thinking tiny homes.

A recent article suggests that interest is growing in Quebec, Alberta and here in BC.

It's a lifestyle and cost of living trend featured on HGTV shows, but is it a realistic option in Kelowna.

Laura Bentley is the city Urban Planning Manager. She says, "We don't have minimum requirements in terms of house size. We do have lot size requirements. But, there are some zones that allow for smaller lots. There could be opportunity for somebody to do a strata community of tiny homes, to have multiple homes on a lot. We do have a couple of zones that would allow for that."

Bentley says the concept of tiny homes has come up in conversation as the city evolves it's plan for the future.

Lot size, location and lot price remains a tiny home stumbling block.

Bentley says Kelowna is open to the idea.