BC stingy on travel medical coverage

It's called the Canadian Travellers Report Card.

It's an accounting from the Canadian Snowbird Association on how each province performs on the various policies concerning out of country travel.

In BC for example, if you have a medical emergency outside Canada's borders, they will reimburse you with approximately 75 dollars-per-day.

Snowbirds Association spokesman Evan Rachkovsky says "that's not what the actual in province rate is, that's obviosuly a much reduced figure. So, whether you're cross border shopping or whether you're travelling abroad for a prolonged or an extended period of time, people need to know that their MSP isn't going to be covering them when they cross over the border." 

Rachkovsky recommends purchasing extra insurance.

While the BC government will reimburse you about 75 dollars-a-day for a medical emergency, Prince Edward Island and the Northwest Territories could pay out as much as a thousand dollars per day or more.

The Canadian Snowbird Association is an over 110,000 member, non-profit, non-partisan organization representing Canadian travellers from across the country.