Big White happy to see week full of snow

Though the drive to get there might be a little dicey, the snow isn't scaring skiiers and boarders away from Big White.

It might be hard to believe, but there's actually less snow up at Big White than there was at this time last year.

However, Vice President Michael Ballingall says there's no shortage right now, either.

"Snow that has fallen out of the sky would be somewhere well over 250 cm, and our base is approaching 200 cm - that's six feet of snow in some areas, there's a lot of snow up here and there's more snow coming," he said.

"That's the white gold in our industry, and there's plenty to go around."

February 10 of last year wasn't reporting a fresh snowfall on the mountain, but the base depth had hit 235 cm, with nearly 650 cm of accumulated snow.

And he says that while locals have been slower to come out with the cold temperatures, there hasn't been an issue getting tourists to make the trip.

"Ontario spring break, sold out. BC spring break, busier than it's ever been before. BC Family Day holiday, sold out. American President's week, sold out. Alberta Family Day, sold out," he said.

"And people are not going to America. They're not going to Hawaii, because of the dollar."

As for locals, he says the number who have bought season passes is at an all-time high.

"Over Christmastime we saw a little bit of a decline in the local population coming up to the resort, and that's because we didn't have the snow that we had last Christmas, but it was also -17, -20 below zero," he said.

"They know with a ticket in their pocket, they can ski right up to the Easter long weekend in April. There's plenty of time."