Bike to Work Week Results

2557 people registered for Bike to Work Week this year in the Central Okanagan.  Event Co-ordinator, Andrea Mackintosh says that's about 400 more than last year.  “The total kilometres we have recorded to far is just over 83,000km and last year we had about 70,000km total, so that’s quite a bit this year as well.”

Mackintosh was also excited about how many new participants there were.  “This year we had 590 new riders, which is about 23 percent(of total riders), which is up from last year’s 18 percent, so we’re really happy to see some new people getting out on their bikes.”

There were a couple of incidents involving cyclists and motorists last week including a young girl having a bike destroyed in a hit and run.  Mackintosh said, “It’s really unfortunate, especially when we’re having a week when we’re celebrating biking and there’s a lot of new riders out there.  It does create a little bit of fear, but accidents happen and we’re just encouraging everyone to be extra safe, including drivers being extra aware of cyclists out there, and hopefully these kind of incidents can decrease over time.”

She points to the City of Kelowna and the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition as good sources of information about cycling safety.