BNA Brewing to Expand

BNA Brewing

BNA Brewing in downtown Kelowna will be expanding its current operations to accommodate a new patio and expand their existing tasting room.

The request was given the green like by City Council last night to modify their current Manufacture License to include a licensed lounge.

Co-owner Carolyn Nixon said work is already underway.

 “So we'll have a bigger patio. We're going to have way more space inside for seating, because as of right now we can only fit about six to 10 people in our tasting room. So, we'll still be able to do growler sales and retail sales out of there but there will be more space to come and hang out

The expanded lounge area will continue with a similar operation as currently provided, with craft beer, food service and a fire pit for those colder days.

“It will allow us to open during the day because as of right now BNA doesn't open until 4p.m. Our current tasting room has daytime hours but we don’t offer food, so the new space is also going to have a pop-up kitchen that another company is going to operate. They are called BoxcAr,” said Nixon.

BoxcAr is operated by the CrAsian food truck currently situated outside BNA.

The improvements will accommodate 163 additional people and are expected to be completed in October.