Body of victim shown in Robotti murder trial

The jury in the second degree murder trial of Grace Robotti was shown images of the victim's body during day three of the trial.

Forensic specialist Corporal Warren Kraft took the pictures and video, taken on January 12, 2015 a day after Roxanne Louie's body was found in Naramata.

Louie's family and friends got emotional as a picture showed her foot sticking out in the snow and another showing her bloodied body turned over.

Kraft also showed pictures he took at Robotti's house, where Louie was killed. In some of the pictures, a chemical spray shows blood splatters on the floor of a hallway and on the floor, walls, and furniture in a bedroom

Day three of the trial also included pictures of Grace Robotti and her brother, Pier Robotti, taken shortly after they were arrested, on January 1, 2015. They both had bruises, scratches, and marks, in several areas of their body.

On day one of the trial, Robotti admitted to killing Louie with a crowbar and pled guilty to interference with a body, however pleaded not guilty to the second degree murder charge.

The trial is scheduled to continue until mid-April.

Pier Robotti has already faced trial, however details are under a publication ban until Robotti's trial wraps up.