Booze shipments delayed across the province

You may have noticed some of the shelves empty at your neighbourhood private liquor store. A Vancouver based delivery company had their computer system hacked about 3 weeks ago.

Container World spokesman Jeff Burrows says, "We brought in a team of systems experts. Basically we had to shut down which caused all the delays. As of this week, we're pretty much up to scratch with our deliveries. That's pretty much all the domestic wines, spirits and beers plus import beers throughout the province of BC."

Burrows says the government liquor stores have their own delivery system. Container World delivers to restaurants, bars and private liquor stores across the province.

Burrows adds, "It has a ripple effect. It affects our staff, our customers staff. It affects people's livelihoods. It can affect people's cash flow and everything else."

It was a scramble for Container World but it's all fixed now.