Brazen thief steals wallet in Lake Country

A brazen thief made off with woman's wallet from a mini-van in Lake Country while the victim was inside. 

RCMP say on April 15th, a woman was resting in the back of her minivan parked outside Winfield Arena, at around 10:20 am, when she heard someone open the passenger side door and climb into the passenger seat.

Police say at first, the woman thought it was a family member before realizing it was a stranger. 

When confronted, the man said he thought the vehicle was his mothers and promptly left the area - it was only afterwards the woman discovered her wallet had been stolen from inside her purse which was left between the front seats.

The possible suspect has been described as a male in his 20's, with a dark complexion and dark facial hair. He was seen wearing an oversized white hoodie with a black design on it.

Police say other thefts along Bottom Wood Lake Road, Woodsdale Road and Read Road may be related - the vehicles were not damaged, but it's believed they were left unlocked.