Business License and Regulations for Short Term Rentals

Short Term rental regulations will be changing by the end of 2019 to better accommodate the demand for long term housing.

 Short term rental owners may soon require an annual business license.  Licenses will cost $345 for owners operating out of their primary residence and $750 where it is not the operator’s principle residence.

The City of Kelowna estimates it will cost $320,000 annually to enforce the bylaw.

Councillor Luke Stack says license fees are necessary for cost recovery.

“People expect a bylaw officer to show up and action to be taken. Regular citizens shouldn’t pay for that, the people running the businesses should,” said Councillor Stack.

Applications will be offered online and will require proof of ownership, proof of principle residence status, and a responsible person to oversee rental at all times.

It will also require a good neighbour agreement and a safety audit form confirming the unit is safe. This means it will require smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire escape plans.

If the bylaw is approved, enforcement and compliance would not come into effect until the end of the summer months.

On March 12th Kelowna residents will be heard at a public hearing.