Calgary's famous 'Baby Mary' seeks birth mother

A woman who has lived in Kelowna for 26 years has come forward saying she's Calgary's famous 'Baby Mary' and is now searching for her birth mother. 

In 1987, a newborn was found abandoned in a garbage bag in a Safeway parking lot in Calgary by two teenage boys, was eventually adopted and raised by a couple who moved the family to Kelowna.

'Mary' told AM 1150's Early Edition there's one big question she'd ask her birth parents. 

"A lot of me wants to know just why. I'm not angry anymore. I mean, I was when I found out, of course - I was 13 at the time I found out. I've always known I was adopted, but my parents didn't really tell me the full story until I started asking questions," she says. "I want to know why. I want to have a relationship with them and let them know I'm ok - life's been great." 

'Mary' says she's made peace with how she came into the world.

"The biggest question I get is 'are you going to charge this woman' - and (the answer is) no, not at all. I feel like the last 30 years she's lived with enough. I'm sure every November 25th she thinks of this and I think she's had enough pain and suffering and I don't need to add to it," she says. "I just want a relationship with her - I want a happy ending."   

'Mary', who turns 30 this year, has a daughter of her own and says its important for both of them to fill this missing piece of their backgrounds.

To that aim, 'Mary' has now turned to social media and created a Facebook page to try and gather leads about her birth mother. 

"We tried a news story, I think 3 or 4 years ago with a local paper in Calgary, and nothing came of it. So, I think with the world we're turning into now, I think this is going to be the push that needs to be so I can have my happy ending."

Mary's Facebook page, under the name Mary Olympia Doe, has already garnered well over one-thousand shares.