Canada losing billions in revenue from no pipeline expansion

The math is simple. Without pipeline expansion, governments and by extension, taxpayers, are losing billions of dollars in revenue.

Franco Terrazzano is the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

He's on a mission to tell the financial story of the stalled pipeline expansion project.

"The Alberta government for example, the BC government would also be collecting more revenue from larger pipeline capacity. Because we are not getting full value for resources, governments are collecting less money and that means fewer dollars to build hospitals, hire teachers or pay less taxes."

Terrazzano says have to pay attention to environmental concerns and other safety issues, but we also need development.

"We need development for jobs. We need development for the economy. We do need a regulatory system that takes into account environmental concerns but also finds a way to allow development. Right now in Canada it's evident that we don't have a workable regulatory system."

Terrazzano and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation are attempting to sway public opinion more to the side of pipeline expansion.