Canadian Petition aims to Reduce Taxes at Gas Pumps

According to Kris Sims, BC Director for the Taxpayers Federation, British Columbians are being punished for living their day to day lives.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched a petition this week calling on Premier John Horgan to reduce taxes.

“They should get rid of the carbon tax that will save everyone in BC instantly 9.8 cents per litre, they need to allow for pipeline expansion to increase supply and then in metro Vancouver they also need to take a look at the TransLink tax, because the TransLink tax is soon going to be 18.5 cents a litre”

Even with gas prices at $1.49 a litre in Kelowna and up to $1.78 in Vancouver, driving to run daily errands is not always optional.

 “Slapping a carbon tax onto everyday people who are just trying to get to work and go to the grocery store isn’t going to have an impact on climate change. It’s not going to affect CO2 emissions because they’re living their everyday lives," said Sims.

She said if prices are to lower, politicians must stop blocking the pipeline expansion.

 “The BC carbon tax was sold to us as a way of reducing CO2 emissions and a way of funding brand new, very affordable alternatives to gasoline and diesel. None of those things are true; our CO2 emissions are going up in BC," said Sims.

According to the federal government, massive wildfires and population growth have in fact been contributing factors.

Sims believes that taxing people more and more isn't the right path to fighting climate change.

In an ideal world, the Trans Mountain Pipeline would be expanded and revenues would be invested into affordable alternatives.