Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for Carbon Tax Cancellation

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says BC's Carbon Tax has failed, despite evidence it has reduced emissions in the province.

"It's an abject failure" said the CTF's BC Director Kris Sims. "It is costing average working people a ton of money just to live their day to day lives."

According to Sims, British Columbians already pay the highest carbon taxes in the country, with the rate due to go up again in April.

"CO2 emissions are going up, even though we have the highest carbon tax in Canada. If this is supposed to be reducing emissions, it's not working"

While data available on the BC Government's website does show overall emissions are rising, it does not track BC's growing population.

When compared to provincial population numbers from Statistics Canada, the data shows British Columbia's emissions per capita are on the decline.

Regardless of individual's use, Sims believes the tax has failed to reduce the province's overall carbon footprint, and is calling for its cancellation.

The current price on carbon is $35 per tonne, with the rate due to rise to $40 per tonne in April.