Car driven into store windows

Employees at a local grocery store had quite a surprise Tuesday morning.

At approximately 11:30 AM, an elderly man was pulling up in the parking lot of Nesters market on Gordon Drive, and accidentally pressed on the gas instead of the brake.

As a result, his car went though some side windows, damaging both the glass and the framing.

A representative of the market says the driver was not injured as a result of the crash, and there’s no estimate yet for the damages.

It's not the first time something like this has happened. Back in March, an elderly woman was taken to hospital after accidentally driving her car into the front entrance of Buckerfield's on Spall and Springfield.

Later on in July, a woman in her seventies suffered a medical emergency while behind the wheel, causing her to drive her car into the entrance of the Strut apparel store off of Lakeshore.