Carlson pleads guilty to sexual interference

The case of a Kelowna man accused of sexually interfering with a minor is once again moving forward.

Jeremy Carlson was first arrested in September of 2016 after he allegedly molested an eight-year-old girl nine times between December of 2015 and September of 2016

He was initially supposed to be sentenced this past spring, until his lawyer, Jacqueline Halliburn, accused Judge Monica MacParland of showing bias by crying during a victim impact statement, and asked her to step down from the trial.

That request was denied months later. Shortly afterwards, Carlson made an application to cancel his guilty plea.

At his latest appearance on Friday morning, it was announced that Carlson was withdrawing that application, and would, in fact, be pleading guilty to sexual interference of a minor.

During Carlson's initial sentencing hearing in April, Crown Counsel recommended a sentence of 20 months, while Halliburn asked for Carlson to serve a 90-day sentence, which would be served on weekends.

A date for the continuation of the sentencing hearing is expected to be announced soon. Halliburn stated at Friday's hearing that she wanted to make a few brief submissions at that hearing.

The identities of the victim and her family are protected under a publication ban.