Carryover expenses meet council on Monday

A review of the city's carryover expenses will be in front of council on Monday.

The $84 million isn't money that's added on top of an already increasing property tax, but rather is mostly made up of multi-year capital projects that will be finished this year or next.

That includes the extension onto John Hindle Drive, as well as the Memorial Parkade and the new RCMP detachment.

Out of those projects, the parkade is set to be finished in the next few weeks, John Hindle is to be finished next year, and the police services building is only a few months away.

The approval of carryover costs represent the second of three steps in the annual budget process, with the third coming up on April 24, when council will be asked to approve a final budget.

As of now, the property tax increase is set to be 3.86 percent - with 40% of that increase coming as a result of the new police building.

That full increase means the average home in Kelowna will have a property tax bill close to $2000.