Central Okanagan emergency officials working on recovery plan

Central Okanagan Emergency officials are reminding residents the level of Okanagan Lake will fluctuate up and down, and that a small drop does not indicate the flood event is over.  

Summer Effray, at the Emergency Operations Centre, says while the water level has dropped 3 mms from Monday morning - a more telling number is Okanagan Lake is still about 73 cms above full pool.

Effray says that's why sandbags need to stay in place - but she also says - officials are working on a recovery plan.

"The decision hasn't been made quite yet what that plan is going to look like, but we're looking forward to providing opportunities for residents that will make it easy for them to dispose of their sandbags. We don't know exactly what that'll look like, but over the next few days or so, we'll have a plan in place and will let residents know what they can do, " she says. 

Effray says today crews are repositioning protective measures from locations no longer under threat, to areas where bolstering is needed.

As of Tuesday at 5:25 am, Environment and Climate Change Canada reported Okanagan Lake is at 343.237 metres above sea level, a three millimetre decrease from the 343.240 metre level measured yesterday morning. Kalamalka Lake was recorded at 392.423 metres, up from the 392.409 metre mark yesterday morning.

If you need more information - check out cord-emergency-dot-ca.