Chain-up station upgraded

The size and capacity of a chain up-station on the Coquihalla has been significantly increased due to recent improvements.

Located 32 kilometers north of Hope, the Box Canyon station has been upgraded to 25,550 square meters, compared to its initial size of 1,180 meters.

Additionally, it can now accommodate more than 70 commercial vehicles; over five times its original capacity of 14.

"This massive expansion at the existing chain-up, with a new chain-off area at the Coquihalla summit, gives truck drivers safe locations and more room off the highway to deal with chains, and keeps other traffic moving," says Nanaimo-North Cowichan MLA Doug Routley, who spoke on behalf of Claire Trevena, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Other improvements include new acceleration and deceleration lanes, as well as the extension of a third southbound lane exiting the Great Bear Snow Shed.

$7.3 million for the project came from the Federal Government’s Building Canada Fund, while the remaining $10.3 million was provided by the Province

From the beginning of October to the end of March, truck drivers travelling through the mountains are required to put chains on their tires, with some routes requiring chains on until the end of April.