Changes to Short Term Rental Regulations?

Tomorrow, Kelowna city council will have the opportunity to slightly adjust the short term rental regulations.

In March, homeowners were told they would not be allowed to rent out their carriage houses or secondary suites short term, in attempts to increase long term rental options.

Due to general upset and valid counterarguments at the public hearing in March, Mayor Colin Basran advised staff to come back with an amendment to allow short term rentals outside of the operators principal residence.

“Homeowners would need to live in the main house because it’s restricted to essentially a principal residence. There’s also a requirement that we would be permitting only one short term rental operation on those properties,” said Laura Bentley, Community Planning Supervisor.

Homeowners operating these types of rentals would be in the $345 business license category.

If council approves the motion, the amendment would see a public hearing at the end of May.