Chapman Parkade repairs mean loss of stalls

If you usually park at Chapman Parkade in downtown Kelowna there will be some disruptions this summer.

City Parking Services Manager Dave Duncan says the planned maintenance is about to get underway at run until the end of October.

"The work includes repainting the interior, and resealing all of the joints in the parkade - so we're water-proofing. Then also replacing the protective deck coating, which protects the slab from water getting into it and rusting out the rebar and the reinforcing steel. It's something you have to do about every 15 years," says Duncan.  

He says the ramp heaters will also be replaced, on the roof level, that'll close the whole level for about two months. As for the other work - Duncan says they'll tty and get it done on weekends to minimize the impact.

He says monthly parkers will be offered parking at City Park - for half the regular rate - until the end of September.

"What we find is, especially first thing in the morning, City Park has capacity and it tends to get completely full on the weekends, especially if the weather is nice - but on weekdays it generally has some capacity in the morning for when the daily parkers are there," says Duncan. 

Chapman Parkade has just under 500 stalls - and during construction will lose about 100 to 140.